Indulging this season

I’m definitely going to be indulging in some decadent foods quite a bit this December. Friday the marketing and IT team of four got together for our Christmas lunch and went out to a pretty fancy place. Yesterday we had a pizza day sponsored by a company we work with. Then tomorrow or Thursday we get a TURKEY DINNER for lunch. Someone had better set up beds for us to take afternoon naps.

Aimster and I in the back of Dennis’ fun car.  We stopped dancing and singing to Christmas music to snap this pic. Amy and Nancy

I ordered some zucchini sliders which was phenomenal and should’ve just ate these for my lunch instead of sharing. They didn’t resemble zucchini at all, which was weird. It was just delicious and I wish I ate more than just one. zucchini sliders

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We’re letting the cat out of the bag

I don’t have to be at work until 9:30am, so my 15km commute to work in the mornings is usually stress-free due to the hustle and bustle of traffic and parents bringing their children to school has passed.

Most mornings I leave the house with just enough time to get to work. When I’m feeling extra peppy, I leave shortly after 9am, pop into Starbucks and take my sweet-ass time driving along sipping my peppermint white mocha, often driving under the speed limit and enjoying the fall weather. Driving through one of the local parks is my ultimate favourite part of the morning commute. Especially when the sun peaks through the orange and yellow coloured leaves. Even better when I have a delicious hot drink on hand.sbux

However, the commutes aren’t always a joy. Last week I encountered someone who raced to get to the same street I was about to turn onto. Seeing that I was closer to the turn, I ended up in front of her. Which was unfortunate for her because I was in one of my grandpa-driving moods. Going 45 in the 50 zone. I didn’t really notice her behind me for a while, until she started driving uncomfortably close to my bumper.

One of my pet peeves. But it didn’t seem to bother me. I think the caffeine and the 7+ hours of sleep had me in a state of euphoria.

At least my head wasn’t hanging out of the window singing along.mazda

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Some good birthday

Birthdays are like Christmas to me. I could barely sleep the night before my birthday. Seriously, just like a little kid. It was probably the cupcake I ate right before bed. Hey, I had to test it out to see if it was fit for my co-workers to eat. It’s not that I love getting gifts… because that’s always great. It’s just that I get phone calls from family and friends and, I just love that!

Whenever it is someone’s birthday at work — the birthday person has to bring in treats for the staff. I ended up making boxed cupcakes, along with some homemade shortbread cookies. Apparently it was the best shortbread everyone’s ever tasted. But I wouldn’t know because I personally hate shortbread. So maybe I’ll post the recipe that I have.

I set my alarm 10 minutes earlier than normal yesterday morning just so I could get the most out of my day. I usually wake up at 7am to get to work for 9. I don’t take that long to get ready, I’m ready in about twenty minutes and the rest of my morning is spent with Alfie our Pomeranian because he’s left alone for 8 hours of the day.

I got up at 6:45 and got my shower immediately. Then proceeded to make the Boyf and I a “big breakfast”. I made six eggs (lol I know), scrambled them and made hash browns for the both of us and had three sausages for the boyf. Those things are gross.

When I got into work I nearly teared up because L McMomsie (who I blogged about just hours ago) brought in a birthday card and some cake pops for me! I seriously “awwed” at the fact she did such a nice thing like that for my birthday!

(My desk is an organized mess)

As soon as I sat down at my desk my boss came in and sang happy birthday to me and brought me some McDonalds breakfast — my favorite one at that: BLT bagel with a chocolate milk shake. OMG you guys. Two breakfasts in one day. I normally skip this meal, so by 10am I was full to the brim.

On twitter the other night I won a free lunch from a local pub. They always tweet free lunches and I said it was my birthday coming up and asked if I could win – and they let me! Wahoo!

So, my besties from work, Julie and L McMomsie all went out for lunch! So fun!

L and I ordered the same thing. It was freaking delish and I want to go back for more. Or at least get the salad dressing recipe from them. Holy moly.

My boss bought a puppy over the weekend, and brought him into work after lunch. Isn’t he just the sweetest? You can’t see his eyes over his little mop head, but he’s 2lbs and he’s a Yorki-Poo mix. So so cute.

Of course a birthday wouldn’t be complete without a birthday cake and candles! Scott bought this delicious red velvet cake/cheesecake mixture and it tastes … AMAZING!

P.S. Happy Birthday (today!!!) to Jess and her twin sister Sarah!

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