POM Friday

Regal AlfieI haven’t done a POM Friday post of Alfie in ages. Although his photos sneak into blog posts every now and again, I really missed taking him out on adventures each week, snapping pics – and posting them every Friday.

So, it’s back for the time being. Many people love his sweet smile, but don’t get me started on how bossy he is to strangers and other dogs! Whoooo….wee. That smile doesn’t last for long when he’s ready to boss someone around, let me tell ya.

Here’s some sweet photos I took of him last week!

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Alfie the Ewok

Last weekend we spent the majority of our time re-watching Star Wars movies. We watched episodes 4-6 (the first three), and I gotta be honest: totally fell asleep during the first one (episode 4). Some parts of it were boring! I couldn’t help it.

In honour of the new Star Wars film coming out, I thought I’d show you Alfie dressed up as one of my favourite characters from the film: Ewoks!

Enjoy Pomeranian Friday! IMG_20151023_134224






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POM Friday is back!

Many people requested I bring Pomeranian Friday’s back — where I feature our 6 year old bossy boots Pomeranian, named Alfie. I’m sure you’re all aware of who he is, because for over half a year I blogged about his antics each Friday.

Here he is getting up to no good, hanging out underneath our ottoman in the living room. The little pillow next to him actually isn’t him! My friend back home in Newfoundland saw it, and bought it for me — doesn’t it look just like Alfie?!

Have a good weekend guys!







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