POM Friday . 8

8 weeks into Pomeranian Friday’s already!

I am loving all of the Christmas decorations around the streets here in California. But it definitely doesn’t feel like Christmas with the warm weather down here. I’m listening to as much Christmas music as possible, and our house has been decorated for about two weeks. This is my favourite time of year. I’ll have to head out soon and get Alfie some Christmas presents. I am surprised at how fast he wrecks and tears apart his toys. It’s probably the tiny teeth he has. That’s what I should do next week. What type of toys he likes.

For now, he’s getting his Christmas hair cut. His hair grows quick down here, I have to give him a trim every 5-6 weeks or so. He sits still when he gets his hair cut like a good pup, because he knows he’ll get a treat after he’s done. Ha!!



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