Adventures in Double Trouble Town

Chocolate chip cookies, mermaid hair flips, nail painting, pizza and dancing. That’s what our girls night in looked like.

When my co-worker Julie and I get together, it’s not uncommon that we get titled as Double Trouble by our peers. Though, it was pretty tame when we had our girls night in at her house last night.

Our first stop after we got off work was to the grocery store. We dropped into Loblaws/Zehrs to pick up some essentials for a fun night in. You know, things like nail polish and cranberry juice.zehrs

I shop at this location of Zehrs quite often and didn’t realize that the beauty section got an overhaul. A nail bar with polishes from Sally Hansen, Nicole by OPI, to Zehrs brand Joe Fresh polishes. There was even a fragrance  and mascara bar too. All with this one stream lined looked which was very Sephora-like, right? Nail-Bar-at-Zehrs

Julie stopped to smell the roses chocolate chip scented perfume.fragrance-bar-at-zehrs

Difficult decisions to make. Sparkle? Brights? Pastels? It took me a while to decide on a new nail polish color. picking-out-polishes

I ended up going with Barracuda by Sally Hansen which is a pure robin’s egg blue shade, and Jules picked up two other colors by Nicole by OPI and some Sally Hansen salon effects (stickers for your nails). All perfect for a spring manicure. Hey wishful thinking right? As I write this as it snows outside.

Since when did nail polishes at the grocery store have salon type prices? All those nail polishes and stickers we bought were $8.99-$9.99.Nail-polish-at-Zehrs

Time to pick up some mix for our beverages! That’s cranberry juice for me. Giggity giggity.cranberry-juice-at-zehrs

Oh, and a quick pit-stop at the lotto place for Jules. Here’s hoping you win the millions!Julie-shopping-at-Zehrs

We are all giggles, all the time. You’d think we haven’t seen each other in years. When in reality our offices are right across the hall from one another. At one point we had our cashier laughing so much too. So naturally we asked her to take our photo. Friends-at-Zehrs

Alright, time to use self-checkout. Clearly we like to document everything. I’m surprised no one asked us to stop snapping away. self-checkout-at-Zehrs

Julie’s husband requested that we head out to grab some beer on the way home, and we noticed these two men behind us who came in with a serious amount of empties to cash in. They weren’t sorted, and Julie gave them heck for it. The men asked us if we wanted the empties and we certainly didn’t decline to that. $14 worth of empties! store

After our errands we immediately got started on our nails after we arrived to Julie’s house. At first I suggested doing Julie’s nails and vice versa, but since I’ve never painted any one elses nails before, I thought it was a recipe for disaster. I could picture nail polish just strewn right over her newly painted walls. We stuck to doing them ourselves.

Step 1. Remove polish, do not forget any fingers. removing-polish

Step 2. Pose for photos before getting our nails wet. Jules-and-I-kitchen

Step 3. Read instructions and apply. So far so good! The sticker pattern is called ‘Kitty Kitty’. Rawr. Sally-Hansen-nail-effects

Step 4. Paint the rest of our nails, and wait for pizza to arrive. nail-painting

I was indecisive and went with a nail sticker on one nail, and polka-dots on the other. Julie just had a polish party on her nails. Ever single one was different. our-nails

We chowed down on a few pieces of our delivered pizza and  sprinkled some Chia seeds on top for a bit of added goodness. Some nice pizza too. I’m still thinking about it today.eating-pizza

After supper, we headed to the basement where mermaid hair flips were put into action. This was sooo hard to photograph you guys. We took about 15 photos each, and started getting dizzy. mermaid-hair-flip

Ever play Dance Central on xbox or the wii? It has to be the most addicting, fun game I’ve played! You mimic the moves on the screen and get points towards new songs and new levels. PURE.

We spent the entire night there after, dancing to music from Amy Winehouse, The Beatles, Kenny Rogers to  Nirvana and Green Day.dancing-with-julie

Oh, and doing endless cartwheeels and catching Julie as she jumped into my arms. No big deal. Double trouble adventures, always guaranteed fun nights when you have us two around. catching-julie-mid-air

What are your plans for this weekend?

When’s the last time you had a Girls Night?

I even created a Google+ album of our evening last night.

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August Glymm Box

Now that I’ve unsubscribed from most of the monthly subscription boxes, I don’t feel as overwhelmed and I can focus on doing monthly features on the products I’ve received from my favorite companies!

Here is my August Glymm box. It came in a little black faux patent leather bag this time, so cute. As always, click the images to enlarge them…


Close ups:


CoccoLily nail polish (We received the Full Size! 15ml/$12.00)
These polishes come in 5 different shades of pink! I’m not sure what color I received, but it’s pretty as you can see in the swatches above.  

Vitamin & Sea
Cruelty Free mineral clay mask (Full Size: 210 ml / $62.00)
The face mask is made from clay directly from the Dead Sea, and will tingle when you apply it, as it softly exfoliates the skin. The organic mask is enriched with vitamins B1, B2, C, A, D and E from sweet almond oil.
Sample usage: Up to 3 uses

Bentaberry (Full size: 30ml/$22.00)
A moisturizing face cream for men or women. It is made from 100% natural active ingredients: burdock, jasmine, mandarin, blueberry, white dead-nettle and zinc pidolate. (What the heck are those last two?) Apparently it will/can diminish the redness and blemishes on your face.
Sample usage: Up to 7 uses (not so sure about that!)

Mai Couture (Full Size: 50 Sheets / $19-$26)
This is a blush paper with two pieces of paper in the package. Add color to the apples of your cheeks, just by rubbing the paper on your cheeks for an instant lift!
Sample usage: Up to 4 uses (It says on the back of the packaging use one sheet for both cheeks. So basically two uses, not four)

Naked Princess (Full Size: 2.96 ml / $26.00)
Naked Shine Luscious Lip Gloss
It’s the tiniest bottle of lip gloss ever, but it’s a really nice color. The scent of it reminds me of a MAC lipgloss I had a few years ago.  The consistency of this gloss is non-tacky and doesn’t stick to your lips. The color is great. The gloss is infused with Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Moroccan Vanilla, & Antioxidants.
Sample usage: Up to 14 uses

Sign up for Glymm for $10./month (reoccurring members) or $12/month for new members.

This is not a sponsored blog post, I am not affiliated with Glymm.

Also! Don’t forget about entering in the contest in the blog post below.

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