My CrossFit Journal (1 Year, Week 36)

Still going strong on the 50 day pushup challenge. I’m currently on day 19 and it’s getting so hard each day. But I can feel myself getting so much stronger! It seems like I’ve been doing these pushups forever, and the next morning adding another pushup onto the list is just dreadful. But, I do it. I don’t hate it because I don’t mind pushups at all. It’s just hard work, and definitely warms up the body! Just in time for me to get into my chilly car to head into work. No bum-warmers needed!

I skipped my push up challenge on Friday because I was up extremely early in order to get in a full days work and take off a few hours early to head into Toronto for the Tennis match, thanks to Sport Chek. So I ended up doing double the pushups on Saturday. 16 for missing Friday and then immediately after I did 17 for Saturday. Whoo boy. Tough one.


year 1, week 36, day 1.

Of course the one day I go back to CrossFit, they have an abundance of pushups! Ha ha, I enjoyed it anyway.

5 Rounds
20 Pull Ups
30 Push Ups
40 Sit Ups
50 Squats
1:30 rest

We had 32 minutes to complete the 5 rounds. I was on my fifth when the timer went off. It was tough, and the squats and pushups really slowed me down.

Then my friend Jenn and I had a bit of a photoshoot in the change room when we were done.

We stripped in a hurry to take the pics ;) .


year 1, week 36, day 2

I volunteered at the climbing gym on this day, for two hours. Only a few more hours left and I have a free climbing membership for a month! I also like that they’ve decided to give monthly memberships a bit of a perk. Card holders can bring in one new member per month, for free! I have so many friends who want to try out climbing and I’ll get to take them! How fun is that going to be?  I’m sure my camera will be right by my side, taking photos so you won’t miss a thing. 


year 1, week 34, day 3

I’m counting yesterday (Sunday) as a workout into last week’s workout schedule rather than wait an entire week to let it be published.

I went on my first run in a few months, with Jenn and one of her friends who coached her into running a half marathon! We ended up running 6 kilometers and I didn’t wear my watch. I didn’t want to know how far we were going, or for how long. Steve will be coaching me along the way to become a more confident runner. The only thing that makes me anxious is running, and I don’t know why. So hopefully with some coaching on tabata workouts, “long” Sunday runs with the group, I’ll become a better runner.

After the 6k run we sat inside Starbucks for a nice hot drink! :) Perfect way to start any Sunday!

Fun fact: Steve says I run properly! I do have a short stride, but I’m not a heel-striker… I land on the pavement properly (mid-sole?). Yeahoo! Soon we’ll need one of those Ski Bibs around my neck, since it’s only doomed to get colder as the months go on. lol


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