Fun fitness gear

Throwback Thursday or #TBT as the hashtags all circulate around instagram today.

On my lunch break on Tuesday, I headed to the mall and stopped into one of my favorite stores: H&M. I don’t know how often they get stock, but they seem to have an abundance of it very frequently. Thus, me never tiring of visiting the store, and browsing. I picked up this orange hoody on a whim and tried it on. Wednesday morning I wore it to work since I had a silky also from H&M “mullet-like” blouse which I snagged for $4.95 the previous weekend. I wore the hoody to keep warm on my drive to work and as soon as I put it on on, I realized I looked a lot like a photo that was taken when I was a toddler, with my Mom.then-vs-now

Hence the ‘Then vs Now‘ throwback post today. I got a good chuckle out of it, and e-mailed the picture to my Mommy. Heh. My style hasn’t changed since I was a kid, so it seems.

lululemon-swiftly-tech-tankOn the other hand I received a shipment from Lululemon, yesterday. Big spender over here buying two new tanks for CrossFit! In fact, I wore the purple one last night.

So many exciting clothes to wear to CrossFit and working out. This week has been a bonanza of products.#WhatsBeautiful Campaign

SportChek sent along a nice thick Under Armour Studio Lux Jacket for me to wear while I get my sweat on, or just wear walking Alfie around in the park during the nights as it cools down a bit. However, the nights are getting pretty sweltering around here and I can’t even sleep with the duvet on top of me. It’s just that warm. So I’ll be using the zip up for the cooler days. Nice huh?

Time to get a killer workout in, with that jacket.
Under Armour

Under Armour sent along a surprise parcel, thanks to the #WhatsBeautiful campaign and sponsorship with me being a FitFluential Ambassador. It absolutely blew my mind me when I opened it. Gratitude is the attitude!

Check back tomorrow for another blog post about the #WhatsBeautiful Campaign. I’m excited to share more info with you, along with my favorite Under Armour

See ya tomorrow, friends!

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Beautiful You

Growing up, I never thought I wasn’t beautiful. Not to say that I had high self esteem or was conceited. There was never any self doubt in my head that I was “ugly” or “not pretty enough”. I was a painfully shy kid, especially around strangers. But put me in front of someone who I’m comfortable with and I’ll be the class clown, who tries to make you laugh.

I went to an all girls catholic school, and I was still that tom boy who climbed tree’s and ate sandwiches inside kitchen cupboards with my little dude friends.

I even cut my hair like a boy, so I could be more like my older brother. You can’t exactly tell from this photo since it was from a Halloween. Let’s just visualize it.bunny 2

I remember one instance where I dressed up like a boy, smeared some mud on my face and walked over two houses, and asked in a deeper boy voice if my Brother could play street hockey with them because he dared made me.

Now that I’m older, and grown up I’ve vowed to never cut my hair short ever again. In fact, I remember I was mistaken for a boy on more than one occasion as a kid. I’m still a tom boy at heart because I’m still so very athletic. It wasn’t until my late twenties where I turned into a girls girl. I never went to a hair salon, I never got my nails done or wore skirts and pretty tops.

Over the past few years I’ve developed into the perfect blend of me. I love getting pedicures and then cramming them into climbing shoes just hours later. I love going for spa massages and then going out and setting up a bonfire with my scrappy jeans and hoodies the same night. I love my life right now, and where I am.

I may not be a pro athlete but I’m being the best me that I can be, and I think that’s beautiful.

You may remember last year I had the opportunity to work with Under Armour, thanks to a sponsored FitFluential campaign. Well it’s back with a vengeance. Below are the women who won the What’s Beautiful campaign last year. UA

I ask that you join me in an 8 week challenge to redefine the female athlete. You do not have to be a professional whatsoever. This competition is for the every day woman.

Push yourself harder to get motivated and get after your goals you’ve set up for yourself. It doesn’t even have to be fitness related. It can be mental, emotional or physical. Make your goals a reality.

  • Want to start eating healthier?
  • Work out more?
  • Quit biting your nails?

Join me and everyone else in the Under Armour What’s Beautiful community and encourage all women of all backgrounds who try an empower themselves.

View my What’s Beautiful profile, and follow me once you’re ready to sign up.

How to sign up:

  1. Sign up on the What’s Beautiful website to create a page
  2. Come up with a goal for yourself. It can be as vague or specific as you’d like. Short-term or long-term goals welcome.
  3. Upload your challenges. It shows that you’re working towards, or have completed an achieved goal. The entire What’s Beautiful community can see these goals on your page so that’s extra motivation, they can help you achieve them and cheer you on.


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The Results of Paleo

Alright. Here I am. Braving everything I have. Those who have an issue with me posting my mid section can just shag right off, I say.

It took a lot of guts to post these vulnerable photos of myself on my website for the entire web to see. The results of my 30 day paleo challenge from April 7 – May 7. Ohhhhh boy.

My backside before and after.before-after-back-s

The side view before and after. This one is more ‘impressive’ to me because you can see the shorts being ill fitting on my bum and legs. In the after photo they’re much looser._s

Now don’t be stealin’ any of my bod pictures for any fancy postcard printing ya hear? ha ha ha. I kid.

You may notice I haven’t posted a frontal photo. That’s because I didn’t think it was that impressive. Sure you could see results but in the after photo you could still see love handles. My stomach was more “cut” looking, but other than that I’ll keep that picture to myself for now.

The numbers don’t lie, that’s for sure. I was absolutely shocked when I heard the results as I was getting measured at 3:30pm yesterday.I think the coach that measured me was also very surprised. He swore a little when I told him my “before” numbers, and seemed impressed.

Before: 128.4
After: 119.4
Difference: 9 pounds lost

Before: 34″
After: 29.5″

Before: 39″
After: 36.25″
Difference: 7.25″ lost off my waist & butt.

I worked out a minimum of 5 days a week for those 30 days. Saturday & Sunday were rest days. But the last Sunday I went climbing, making it 6x/week. Basically I went to CrossFit: Mon, Wed, Fri and climbing on Tues & Thurs’s.

May 18 we find out who “wins” the challenge at the local CrossFit box. I’m feeling pessimistic (as I always seem to do about those type of situations). But hey I think everyone is a winner in my books, who was successful with the 30 day challenge whether or not they cheated. Which I did not. I truly wanted to see what my body was fully capable of in those set amount of days.

My clothes all fit differently. I have to wear a belt most days with my pants and if I don’t I feel like I’m hiking them up off my arse all day long. That and when I wear work out clothes I feel like I stare in admiration at my mid section the whole time. I’m really liking it.

Yesterday and today on the other hand was full of non paleo eats. Will I continue the paleo diet for life? No.  But I will certainly cut back on the amount of sugar I intake. Meaning, I’ll try to eat mostly paleo throughout the weekdays and on weekends have whatever I like in moderation.

I mean, there’s an ice cream birthday cake to be eaten, after-all. Right? Can’t let that go to waste.

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