Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway # 2

The holidays are just around the corner, and I couldn’t be happier. A few weeks ago, I went to mail a friends birthday present two days after Halloween was over, and the Christmas music was already playing. Love that. It’s never too early ;)

In fact, Christmas decorations and trees were decorated in the basement part of The Bay when I went shopping with my co-worker to buy some wrapping paper, and ended up buying a set of sheets instead. Oops.

At least they keep me warm — I love a classy look to the bedroom. Unfortunately, everything I buy is grey. Guess that’s my new favorite color shade.I’m just excited to go home for Christmas. There will be plenty of parties, family dinners, friends from all over the country flying back home and us all getting together. Plus, hanging out with my sweet little nephews.

For any guests or visitors, you need to have a clean home. Inevitably people will either be in the kitchen or the bathroom at some point in the evening.

Ain’t that the truth!

One day I’d love to be fortunate enough to hire a maid to clean our apartment. But right now, I’m the one who has to clean things.

I have a nice and easy way to clean up in a breeze, using these Rubbermaid products despite anyone’s busy work schedule.

Here I am getting rid of all the water marks in our shower. This scrubber-thing is a winner. It’s… WINNING! in my books (Sorry. Had to). Loved how abrasive the cleaning pads were. Little elbow grease was used here, and I made the Rubbermaid scrubber do all the work! ha!

You guys get to win one of these mop sets too, valued at $50.00. YAY!

 Contest is only open to Canadians.

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A few questions on what you can leave in the comments, for your blog post entry!

Do you have any holiday traditions?
We do! On Christmas morning, everyone opens their gifts at home. Then, with our PJs still on, we put on our winter coats ‘n boots and head over to the neighbours house to have Christmas breakfast, coffee and open a few more gifts. It’s always something I look forward to.

Do you have a set day that you clean? or do you clean as you go?
I would love to be a clean-each-day person. But I honestly wouldn’t stop running around if I did that. I usually keep the kitchen very clean on a daily basis, because otherwise I’d get overwhelmed.

How often do you clean your shower?
Gotta be honest. I only clean my shower walls when it looks like I haven’t done it in a while. As for the bathtub, sinks and toilet – those suckers get cleaned on a weekly basis. There’s nothing more gross than a dirty bathroom.

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A Fossil Giveaway

There is something for YOU in this bag I’m holding!! Thank goodness for that cami I’m wearing underneath that top of mine. Looks like my belly wanted to come out to play. Yikes! Don’t want another flashing incident happening here.

Since I love Fossil products so much, and I’ve gotten my two co-workers on the Fossil Wagon — I have decided to host my own Fossil giveaway. This means Fossil has absolutely nothing to do with my giveaway. They do not know that I am hosting this giveaway. It’s my money and I want to give back to my readers! Ha. Whatcha think about that? Seems pretty nice right? Let’s keep reading.

But first, a sneak peak of what one of you will receive:

I’ve been noticing the Fall 2012 trend vamp into a little bit of a different style than my favorite boyfriend watch. I picked up the latest Fossil catalog and noticed that a lot of the watch straps are getting smaller, and most of them were leather. It has more of a retro spin on things. Almost like an aviation series.

Fall 2012 Fossil catalog

I actually really like the men’s watches (shown on the bottom left, of the image above). So rugged, but very preppy at the same time.

So, what did I go out and get for you guys? A Stella Leather Watch! Of course, the watch will come with a gift receipt in case this isn’t your style at all. Because to be honest, the new watches out from Fossil (the Heather, and the Georgia) isn’t really my style. I love huge clunky watches on my toddler sized wrist. Balances everything out ;) Because of that, I got the best of both worlds, and picked out an in-between watch. One with a thicker leather strap, and larger face! Stella never fails.

There she be, all brand spanking new in its packaging. Can’t you just see yourself wearing this and adding it to your Fall wardrobe?

Me posing with it. I felt as if I had just bought a watch for myself, I was super excited about it!

The cute box miss Stella will arrive in, to one lucky winner. I picked this one out, all by myself! ;)

I’m going to have my giveaway open to anywhere in Canada and the USA. Enter away using the Rafflecopter form below. This contest will run until 12:01am on August 31, 2012.

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Canada Day Long weekend + a giveaway!

This has got to be one of the top ranked weekends in 2012 thus far. For one, it was incredibly relaxing and two I got to spend it all with my Boyfriend. Now, you’d think I’d always spend weekends with my Boyf. But I don’t. Many of you already know this about him but he’s an Ironman Triathlete and is always on the go, training on his bike, going for long swims and pounding the pavement going for long runs.

I managed to go for a run during the early morning on Canada Day and ended up doing more km’s than I ever have in two years. I think it’s due to the fact that I didn’t know where I was going, and I could keep going and wasn’t thinking about how fast I could/should be going. I ran 7.5km’s in total.

I came back pretty sweaty.

I didn’t run it as fast as I usually like to go, but that wasn’t the point of this run. It was just to get out there and go.Our dog Alfie was looking pretty antsy on Canada Day and the Boyf and I then decided to venture out on a walk with him.

We ended up going for 90 minutes in total. So long but so relaxing!

I even found a set of swing stets and started squealing with excitement and going high in the air. Then Scott reminded me it wasn’t all that high and started poking fun at me ;) It sure felt high ….

Of course Canada Day wouldn’t be complete without Fireworks and some treats! We also heard some hoodlums setting them off at 3:00am that night as well. It woke us up and we were pretty angry about it to be honest, ha..Seeing as we had intended on waking up early to drive to Grand Bend beach!!! YEAHH.

We arrived super early in the morning and reserved some prime real estate on the beach. The boyf and I stayed there til mid-afternoon, cooking in the sun, then cooling off with a quick dip in Lake Huron. It was the perfect day anyone could ask for on a beach. It wasn’t too hot when you were laying down but you did get hot, and ended up quickly cooling off in the water. A light breeze, not windy at all.I’m kind of glad I didn’t bring my iPad or kindle to the beach that day because my Blackberry had to be put away for fear of covering it in sand. Danger bay!

We even brought along some popcorn supplied by Orville Redenbacher, sandwiches, water and apples to chaw on while we were there.

We were done for the day and decided to venture on back to our homeland. It wasn’t long after this photo was taken that I took a big chunk out of my middle finger. I accidentally rolled up the window with one hand while my fingers were still at the top on the other hand. Blood. Everywhere. I silently cried, and I felt like such a little girl with tears streaming down my face while Scott pulled over the car and bandaged me right up. It wasn’t deep enough for stitches, and I think it was just the initial shock and pain that threw me over the edge. I’ll spare you the details and any photos. But I’m all good now, with a nice band-aid over top for a few days :)

Back to the grind tomorrow. Back to reality.

Now for the fun giveaway part of this huge massive blog post!

One of you lucky readers will get the chance to win one of Vanessa‘s tank tops from her Etsy Store at Ruffles With Love.

I could definitely see myself sporting some of these tanks to my local CrossFit box. Love them!! They’re not just for women either, there are some men’s selection on there as well.

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Enter using the rafflecopter form above. Open to residents of the USA & Canada and it ends on Saturday night at Midnight (EST).

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