My California Casual Spring Style #FossilStyle

Outfit of the days are one of my favourite things to post on my blog, yet they’re far and few between lately.

I’m forever browsing the Forever 21 store at my local mall, and recently picked up a denim top. I already have one that I bought a few years ago at Target but only had worn it a handful of times. Now, comparing the two together — the one from Forever 21, has a more laidback look to it. Like you’re not trying so hard. Brown stitching, a softer material, and not as heavy to wear in this California weather.

So, thought I’d pull together this afford outfit and show you what I’m wearing, head-to-toe.

Outfit deets:
RayBans | Forever 21 top | Fossil Maya Hobo
Target denim | Faux suede slip-ons | Moto 360 watch (similar)
Etsy gold rings | Gold bracelet from my parents 10+ years ago

While I’m not used to carrying a larger bag on me anymore (I always seem to panic and lose items in the dark abyss of my purse), I’ve been wearing this one when I want to head out with my pals and I need to cart around a lot of stuff. For instance, blog photos…and I require an outfit change. It’ll all fit in this bag, ha!

Thanks for Fossil for sending over this sweet purse. It’s the Maya Hobo in the Marine shade, and available online. Yay!

Posin’ with my lunch. One of the biggest, and also one of the most expensive salads I’ve ever eaten. But it was good. And it had kale in it! You bet I ate every bite of it (because it was $$$ lol).

My wardrobe isn’t the most expensive one out there, but I thought you guys would be interested in some of my latest purchases (and PR samples: the Fossil purse). By the way, totally don’t own that keepcup in the photo above. I finally saw one at a store in Santa Cruz, and snapped a pic with it. Is that weird?

I love my pink slip-on’s so much I bought two pairs of them, heehee!

Check out @Fossil on Instagram and see others who are in #FossilStyle.

Shop my outfit! (Sorry not everything is exact, similar items linked below)

Disclaimer: If ya didn’t catch it already from all my mentions above, Fossil sent me the Maya Hobo for review. 

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Fossil Fall 2013 Collection

I don’t get the weather. First it was 40º for a whole week now this week it’s dropped to 17º and I feel like I’m in the arctic. What extreme temperature differences. Seriously I feel like I need to sit by a fire.

I visited the Toronto Fossil HQ’s in February (wow, has it been that long since I saw my friend Lori!?) and blogged about the Summer 2013  line a few months ago. Now it’s time to jump into the goregous Fall collecion that I was itching to show you all! Since it’s already in stores I can talk about it. 

Tada! Fossil Fall 2013 Collection.fall-2013-for-fossil

I haven’t been checking out the Fossil website in a while. I can’t visit there too often, or I’ll want everything. My co-worker showed up to work with a brand new bag and told me she purchased TWO purses over the weekend. TWO. From Fossil! That means she now has 4 Fossil purses and endless more accessories and watches by them. Since she failed to tell me that she bought them and I had to find it out my own way (spotting it next to her desk) I decided to ask her to take photos of me modeling them. Ha!

The orange crossbody explorer was on sale, and she couldn’t decide between the Explorer Tote in purple, or the Explorer Crossbody in orange sooo, she got both.fossil purse in orange

Hello beautiful! LOVE THE ORANGE.fossil-orange-summer-2013

Alright back to the Fall collection. I want to show you my favorite item FIRST. I don’t want to save the best for last. Who does that?

Boom. There you have it folks. The best of the Fall 2013 Collection in my mind. Leopard print and orange. Huzzah. How beautiful! Wait omg, I can’t find it online. Did they only go with the black for Fall?! It’s the Memoir Flap Checkbook by the looks of it.

Couldn’t stop modeling with it.leopard-print-fossil-2013

It’s in stores right now. Also online. How convenient. me-holding-up-fossil-purses

There’s such a variety of styles this fall it’s incredible. Look at the two purses below. Almost like old school Doctor bags. The one in the back I forget the texture, whether it’s cloth or leather but the gold cross hatch detailing on it is beauty. The cognac color of the purse in front is one of my favorite browns for purses. Plus it comes with matching wallets (like the one in the bottom left hand in the picture below).fossil-fall-2013

I’ve been itching for Fossil to come out with a suede purse. I have two favorite colors lately. The Erin Crossbody is available in this purple/fuschia below. How perfect, one of my favorite colors (To be honest, my first fav color is a nice coral/watermelon and fuchsia is a close second). Too bad the entire purse isn’t suede. I need them to make one like that. Fossil, you listening? :) Below is a crossbody canvas and suede mixture with a full zip on the top, large enough to fit your (reg sized) ipad. fossil-crossbody

I dare you to buy this Erin satchel below and show it to me. Perfect color. A nice pop of color to add to your Fall wardrobe. purple-fossil-2013

And for the conservatives who still like Fossil but want to stay classic and steer clear of trendy colors. We have the perfect wallet and color for you. Navy! Always safe, always reliable. fossil-navy-wallet

Some fun belts are readily available in the furry leopard print too. I’ve spotted (ha) a similar belt at Target Canada, and already picked one up. So I’m good for now. fossil-belts

I had such a fun time at Fossil, I can’t wait to go back. Can’t believe it’s been five whole months since I was there last! I need to change that, asap :) fossil-favs

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Fossil Summer 2013 collection


I’ve been hesitant on posting anything about spring or summer because of the gloomy weather we’ve been having because Mother Nature was having a hard time deciding which season she wanted to be in these days.

Last Monday was 18º and absolutely gorgeous out. I even drove to my favorite car wash place to have my car hand-washed and vacuumed while I watch, and longed for my spinach salad (still on paleo here folks).

In celebration of that wonderful warm day that I wish we’d have more of (let’s just ignore the snow and rain that happened this weekend, shall we?) I whipped out my springy fresh fun colored clothes which brought a pep into my step, let me tell you that much.

Loved it when I was pumping gas with my (fake) leather jacket on in the morning and the sun was beaming down on my back.

faux leather jacket

Felt SO warm, and made me SO happy. There you are, sunshine! Thought we broke up! Ha ha!

So in lieu of this beautiful weather — I’ve decided to finally share the Fossil Summer Collection sans blurred out images.

Remember when I visited the Toronto Fossil HQ’s in February?  I showed you a sneak peek of what was to come this summer, but now I can show you! I got heads up a few weeks ago but the weather just wasn’t cooperating and showing you gorgeous colors to lust (or buy!) after didn’t seem right. ;)

Fossil-2013-summerBadda bing, baddaboom. There you have it in all its glory. The beautiful fun, fresh colors of the season. Cobalt blue, fun magenta, grass green, sunny yellows and bright pink hues.

Any guesses as to what my favorite product is? Second shelf the furthest on the left. That cobalt blue purse peeking out from behind. It’s a MINI explorer cross body.

This is the size of it in my hands.Fossil-Summer-2013I’m definitely going to have to get my hands on that baby, somehow. Some way.

Another shot of it below. Isn’t the color perfect for summer? Picture a pair of white capris, nude wedges, and a soft heathered fitted tee, and my brown stainless steel Stella with this purse. Perfection. Explorer-Mini

Other goodies from the collection (and a bad photo of me). I have another favorite from Fall, but it’s blurred out below, since we can’t really talk about that just yet. Secret stuff. But boy, I’ll just have to give you a hint and tell you that the PRINT on something coming up, is just to die for. Literally, fall over and collapse due to its lustworthyness. I made up that word, you like?Summer-2013-Fossil

Summer 2013 Collection from Fossil. Which purses are your fav? What colors call out to you?Summer-2013

Until next visit, Fossil Canada!Longview

Think you’ll pop into a Fossil store, or shop online for any of the Summer 2013 collection? As always, this isn’t a sponsored, or compensated post. Just sharing my love for Fossil to you guys.

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