My CrossFit Journal (Year 2 Week 28)

This isn’t really a CrossFit journal from last week because I ended up at the climbing gym more often than the CrosssFit box. I renewed my monthly membership at the climbing gym because I’ve missed it so much. I’ve only really been bouldering but still building up my endurance on the powerhouses of boulder caves. Just sticking to extremely easy problems and just climbing up and down climbing without stopping until my forearms feel pumped so much I need to jump off the wall.

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year 2, week 28, day 1

Even: 3 C2B Pull up + 2 Strict Pull ups
ODD: 30sec V-Out Hold (accumulative hold)

3 Rounds (12min T.L.)
400m Run
21 KB Swings; 24/16kg
21 Box Jumps; 24/20

I did end up ding the Rx for the three rounds but I didn’t end up completing it all in the twelve minutes. I don’t even recall how far I got (definitely in the second round lol) because I failed to write it down. Oops.


Then I climbed two different nights.

Kind of a boring update for my readers, I realize that. But Monday’s are usually like this – to keep myself updated on what I accomplish throughout the weeks. Plus, I can always look back and see what I did from week-to-week and move up in weight at CF if I feel like it. Know what I mean? :)

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My CrossFit Journal Year 2 Week 26

Ahh last week left my legs feeling like jello. I went three times in a row. The third day I was summoned to the world of Karen. The Karen WOD is 150 wall balls and I hate wall balls. Please continue ;)

P.S I clearly love pink.PINK CROSSFIT OUTFIT

[older crossfit journal entries]


year 2, week 26, day 1

5 Rounds
5 Jumping Pull-ups w/ 1 sec pause at top and 3 sec descending
5 Kip/ButterFly


KB Situp; 24kg/16kg
KB Swing; 24kg/16kg
Hollow Hold

I ended up using a 12kg weird for the wod. I also got chafed really bad (I’ll let your imagine run for this one rather than go into detail) when I was doing the KB situps. Ouch :(

It was a really humid week last week. My entire workout tank was soaked through completely on the front and back. It was really gross, and I’ve never seen that much sweat (even throughout all the hot & humid summers at crossfit) come off my body. I took a photo but it’s hard to photograph sweat. Not that I should’ve really.

Purple lululemon tnak
My favorite Lululemon tank of the moment. Pre-workout ;)


year 2, week 26, day 2

5 Rounds
1 Push Press + 1 Push Jerk + 1 Behind Neck Push Jerk

2 Rounds of:
1 Min Power Clean
1 Min Front Squat
1 Min Row
Rest 1 minute
1 Min Toes 2 Bar
1 Min Russian Twist; 25/10lb
1 Min Double Unders
Rest 1 minute

ninja nancy
Felt like a ninja wearing all  black.

After this workout I took Alfie for a walk in the park. I noticed he was super bouncy and happy to be outside on the beautiful evening so I decided to start jogging with him very slowly, he seemed excitable so I kept going and ended up doing intervals of sprints and light jogs for about 2kms with him. That night was extremely humid, and due to me being already sweaty, it was unbelievable how much more sweaty I got going for a run with my dog. 

We timed our run back home perfectly, because when I hit the driveaway – in the dark distance by the door I saw the Boyf coming back in from one of his long bike rides. So that was nice, we arrived home at the same time. He asked what was wrong with me because my face was probably purple (as it always gets when I work out) and I was walking REALLY slow lol…


year 2, week 26, day 3

E2MOM (every second minute on minute: 4 rounds)

100m sprint
10 explosive pushups

– 8 minute rest –


150 wall balls (20/16lbs) (15 minute time limit)

I never, let me repeat – never- go to CrossFit when they have wall balls. I just hate them that much and I get really angry when I have to do them lol. Sounds silly but it’s true. But this week for a warm up we did wall balls and I felt speedier on them when using a 14lb med ball. So when this WOD popped up online I decided to woman-up and go to the box that evening to try and to ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY WALL BALLS.

When we were first setting up for the WOD I was using a 12lb wall ball. I knew I’d tire out quickly especially having 150 to do. So I bumped down to a 10lb med ball. The coach said if we completed 10 in 1 minute we could finish the wod. By the time 5 mins rolled around I had 60 completed and was definitely feeling it. 10 in a minute was doable for the first bit but I started to get achy (hip area) and only completed 3 at a time. I couldn’t get the PUSH from my hips. I started swearing (in my head) and got really frustrated. People were then finishing and “cheering me on” so to speak “C’mon Nancy do 10. Do 3 more.” etc. I was exhausted.  Once the buzzer went off at the 15 min cap, I had 17 left to do. I raced to the bathroom thinking my lunch was going to come up, but thankfully it did not.

sweatI still hate wall balls.

It’s funny. The next day I was walking around Target on my lunch break and I felt like I was walking with a wobbly strut. I’m not a strutter but I couldn’t move my hips/upper legs the way they wanted to go normally. It was the funniest feeling.


What is your favorite workouts to do?
I love cardio and gymnastic type of workouts. Anything with pullups, burpees, and sprinting is my favorite.

What workouts do you like the least?
Wall balls, end of story.

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My CrossFit Journal (Year 2 Week 25)

This week I killed it at CrossFit. I felt so strong and ended up using a dead lift weight of 135lbs for a WOD. My back wasn’t even a tad sore the next day. Perhaps I should’ve used more!

Before I get into the CrossFit WODs re-cap from last week I wanted to give you a heads up and let you know that Reebok officially released its Fall/Winter 2013 Women’s Fitness and Lifestyle apparel and footwear collections in Canada, as of August 1. The collection was designed by women, including Reebok partners Alicia Keys and “rebel yogi” Tara Stiles. Crazy right? Here’s a preview of what’s to come in stores. So excited.

I had the opportunity to have a peek at all of the collection but I’m just going to post my favorites and what is more appealing to me (ie: not wedge sneakers).

I really love these orange ‘sweat pants’. I live in sweat pants come winter time. Plus orange is my favorite color. They look like a nice cut with straight legs and not so constricting ankles. Not sure of the cost of this one.Reebok_Yoga_BB_Fleece_Cuffe

I buy anything that has stripes on it. There’s a lot of stripey clothes in my wardrobe. But not so much my workout clothes. The racer back is a nice touch to show off those muscles. Not sure of the cost of this one.Reebok_Yoga_Power_MYOY_LBT2

These are the Reebok One training shoes. I’m assuming they’re the shoes you can wear to CrossFit. I bought a pair of yellow nano 2.0’s online when I was doing my Paleo challenge. These babies will be $109.99.Reebok_ONE_Trainer1

There’s also some sneakers for the runners out there. Love the colors of everything! They have three-foam midsole to maximize performance. One running shoe is designed for comfort and stability, and the other is the pronator version which has a flatter arch. (L-R: Reebok One Guide $139CAD, Reebok One Cushion is $129)Reebok_ONE_Guide1

And of course since the colder months are inevitably upon us. I live in thicker leggings at CrossFit when it’s cooler out. Even those these are geared to more runners. Sports Essentials Tight — $49.99.Reebok_Sport_Essentials_TigCan’t say no to a good sports bra. This one is called the Sports Essentials Short Bra Top and it’ll retail for $29.99 CAD.Reebok_Sport_Essentials_Sho

Saving the best for last. The awesome Reebok ONE Training Women’s Jacket is $79.99. Super unique looking and the colors again go so great together.Reebok_ONE_Training_Woven_J

Back to reality. My CrossFit Wods from last week:

[older crossfit journal entries]


year 2, week 25, day 1

5 rounds
3 jumping pull ups with 3 second pause at top, and 3 second decent
3 kip/butterfly pullup practice

I alternated between using no bands and just the bar and using the red band when I wanted a break.

8 supine pull ups

30 second v-out hold
8 wall balls 20/16lbs

I ended up completing 5 full rounds, plus the 8 supines and 30 second v-out. I used a 14lb med ball for the wall balls.


year 2, week 25, day 2

3 dead lifts
6 burpees over bar

I used 135lbs for the dead lifts! By the time the 7th & 8th round was done I couldn’t finish all six burpees :(

6 wall balls
6 med ball burpees
12 med ball OH lunge

I completed 3 full rounds. It was a tough one, even though it doesn’t look too bad on paper.



What workouts did you do this week?

Have you ever tried CrossFit? If not, what is your workout choice?

Out of the whole Reebok Canada collection for Fall/Winter, what is your favorite piece that I showed?

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