Canada Day in Newfoundland

Next up on my adventures in Newfoundland was a trip to downtown St. John’s on Canada Day.

The boys got their face painted with sea turtles.

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Posing with “Ancy Nancy”. 1063923_10153005567830176_279018400_o

Next stop was getting a tour on the Military Boat with my nephews, brother and his parents-in-laws from Ireland.

The boys were clearly interested in the guns.1004773_10153005590235176_763694361_n

My brother and his sons :)1064105_10153005590250176_692482948_o 1064105_10153005590245176_1948124686_o

Looking every which way at the two cameras taking pics of the boys.1064105_10153005590255176_2110508416_o

The photo below is one of my favorite ways to ‘walk’ with my nephews. Cart them around on my shoulders! This lil’ guy is now 7 and is starting to get a little too heavy, but I won’t let that stop me yet.933898_10153005602725176_1733057314_n

We then headed up to another location during Canada Day where they had all sorts of free games for kids. Here are three of my four nephews. Love my little buddy crossing his arms as he watches another kids play. 933898_10153005602735176_445039921_n

Taking a rest with a drop of pepsi, on the scorcher of a day.933898_10153005602730176_2139794962_n

During the evening, we had Canada Day celebrations at the house, of course! The neighbours were all invited and we had a grand ol’ feed. Here is my Sister-In-Law and I below. Behind us are her Irish parents who were also in Newfoundland for a visit. 1070048_10153005627665176_2050334661_n

Daddio and I on Canada Day :) 1070048_10153005627630176_146269213_n

I know I’m 11 days late on getting this up, but I took a nice little rest from everything technology related on my visit home. What did you all do this Canada Day? Please do tell! I ended up fixing my Feedly reader (but not on the iPad) and I had 1979 posts unread from all the blogs I subscribe to. I decided to ‘mark all as read’. So if I missed anything, that’s why.

Happy Friday Jr and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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That’s right folks. My outfits of the work week are a day early because I won’t be in the office tomorrow! I’m heading to Newfoundland tonight after a fun work day on the golf course and I’ll be on the airplane in no time.

marketing teamI scheduled my holidays perfectly didn’t I? Today is a charity golf course that me and our new guy (see above — remember I asked if his pic could go on my site) are volunteering at. Each year we go to this tournament and it’s so classy and soo fun! People and companies come from all over, and maybe even the states after looking to buy houses from louisville real estate.

Have a good long weekend, it’s Canada Day this weekend. Can’t wait to spend it with my fam!


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Canada Day Long weekend + a giveaway!

This has got to be one of the top ranked weekends in 2012 thus far. For one, it was incredibly relaxing and two I got to spend it all with my Boyfriend. Now, you’d think I’d always spend weekends with my Boyf. But I don’t. Many of you already know this about him but he’s an Ironman Triathlete and is always on the go, training on his bike, going for long swims and pounding the pavement going for long runs.

I managed to go for a run during the early morning on Canada Day and ended up doing more km’s than I ever have in two years. I think it’s due to the fact that I didn’t know where I was going, and I could keep going and wasn’t thinking about how fast I could/should be going. I ran 7.5km’s in total.

I came back pretty sweaty.

I didn’t run it as fast as I usually like to go, but that wasn’t the point of this run. It was just to get out there and go.Our dog Alfie was looking pretty antsy on Canada Day and the Boyf and I then decided to venture out on a walk with him.

We ended up going for 90 minutes in total. So long but so relaxing!

I even found a set of swing stets and started squealing with excitement and going high in the air. Then Scott reminded me it wasn’t all that high and started poking fun at me ;) It sure felt high ….

Of course Canada Day wouldn’t be complete without Fireworks and some treats! We also heard some hoodlums setting them off at 3:00am that night as well. It woke us up and we were pretty angry about it to be honest, ha..Seeing as we had intended on waking up early to drive to Grand Bend beach!!! YEAHH.

We arrived super early in the morning and reserved some prime real estate on the beach. The boyf and I stayed there til mid-afternoon, cooking in the sun, then cooling off with a quick dip in Lake Huron. It was the perfect day anyone could ask for on a beach. It wasn’t too hot when you were laying down but you did get hot, and ended up quickly cooling off in the water. A light breeze, not windy at all.I’m kind of glad I didn’t bring my iPad or kindle to the beach that day because my Blackberry had to be put away for fear of covering it in sand. Danger bay!

We even brought along some popcorn supplied by Orville Redenbacher, sandwiches, water and apples to chaw on while we were there.

We were done for the day and decided to venture on back to our homeland. It wasn’t long after this photo was taken that I took a big chunk out of my middle finger. I accidentally rolled up the window with one hand while my fingers were still at the top on the other hand. Blood. Everywhere. I silently cried, and I felt like such a little girl with tears streaming down my face while Scott pulled over the car and bandaged me right up. It wasn’t deep enough for stitches, and I think it was just the initial shock and pain that threw me over the edge. I’ll spare you the details and any photos. But I’m all good now, with a nice band-aid over top for a few days :)

Back to the grind tomorrow. Back to reality.

Now for the fun giveaway part of this huge massive blog post!

One of you lucky readers will get the chance to win one of Vanessa‘s tank tops from her Etsy Store at Ruffles With Love.

I could definitely see myself sporting some of these tanks to my local CrossFit box. Love them!! They’re not just for women either, there are some men’s selection on there as well.

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