What I wore to Brit + Co.

I’m over on Megan’s blog guest posting for her today, as she’s settling into her new home in Portland Oregon! At least now the thirty minutes of voice notes I send her via What’s App can be reached during my time zone now. Yay!

Although it’s fall seemingly everywhere in the world, California has yet to get this memo. Sometimes (like today for instance) I decide enough is enough, Mother Nature! I rebel. I rebel and wear pants, long sleeved clothing and well, kinda sweat! However, something’s gotta give. I then resort to wearing sandals. Not only ordinary boring flip flops like I usually slip on my feet. But these fancy one’s are my new Free People one’s that I got the other day. Aren’t they super stylish? I feel like the olive green is such a neutral olive tone that it could pair easily with a lot of things I already own.

I’m not sure whether or not Fall time is my favourite time of year. I don’t drink expensive Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, but I do love lattes, and I also love Starbucks’ Peppermint White Mocha’s. You don’t hear many people chatting about that one often, do you? But I do love layering my clothes for fall. I find layering easier than dressing for summer. What are your thoughts? I mean, look at the pieces you can add to make an outfit more appealing, a faux leather jacket, a soft knit scarf (my favourites are the one’s from Zara), and a beanie! For summer, ya got some cute sandals (screwed if you don’t have a nice pedicure) + shorts and a top. That’s it. Overdress and you’re sweltering.

Fall is so much easier. I mean, the endless layering!

I like to keep things comfortable and casual. That’s my style, like I said I can wear “my uniform” of jeans and a tee and be absolutely comfortable with what I’m wearing. But on occasion I feel like I need to style it a bit more.

Adding in a pair of eye catching shoes and a nice purse? Hurrah! A simple outfit transformed into a stylish one, just with a fancy looking pair of sandals, and a hand-me-down purse that basically looks brand new.

OOTD-Brit-Co-1Outfit details: 

H&M Top //
Hand-me-down purse (seriously! Amazing right?) //
Target black jeans //
Free people sandals  //

OOTD-Brit-Co-3I’m digging the new sandals I got from Free People. I also featured them in another outfit of the day post when I wore them to the Le Diner en Blanc party in San Francisco.


Sometimes, I awkwardly smile when the camera is on me. Case in point with the photos above, and below. Especially fan-girling over someone you’re not entirely sure who she was at first. I mean, Lauren was super interested in meeting her, so I thought I should be too. Hey, bein’ honest.

Outtakes-with-Jen-GotchSo, there’s me, and Jen Gotch founder of Ban.do. Ya might’ve heard of her before. Unlike me. Living under a rock. Oops. At least I made her laugh.

Jen-Gotch-and-spiffykermsBy the way, totally remember seeing Jen’s creations at places like Chapters, etc! Awesome, right? She’s such a funny character. I bet we could be buds.

Brit-Co-meetingThen there’s more California celebrity sightings. Hee hee. Me with the #girlbosses: Brit Morin, CEO and founder of Brit+ Co, and Jordan Ferney, DIY blogger of Oh Happy Day.

Hope you enjoyed a different variation of my usual outfit of the days today, and found some new websites to check out and read/learn from, and create!! Get creatin’.


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Just in time for our visitors!

Chex-headerI was invited to a Holiday Entertaining Event with Chexâ„¢ Party Mix and DIY Expert, Brit Morin. It was yesterday morning and I received the utmost royal treatment as they arranged for a limo to pick me up, and drive me both ways to MakeShop which is located in ‘The City‘ as Californian’s like to call San Francisco.

Make-Shop-San-FranciscoMakeShop is a fun little spot owned by Brit + Co., where you can make things, and buy things. There are laser printers, 3D printers, and supplies to make jewellery and other fun creative things. It’s a great spot!

First I’m going to talk about the sweet ride, then jump into the blogger event.

CadillacI have never felt so fancy.

Palm-trees-and-CadillacsI documented it all.

Selfie-in-limoMy driver told me it was a fully loaded 2015 (3 weeks old) Cadillac SUV. Sure felt fully-loaded with all the gadgets I had to play with, while getting chauffeured.

selfie-rainbowIt’s been pouring this entire week, which is what California desperately needs. So the drive up was a little foggy and wet, but I spotted a rainbow! A rare treat, in California.


As a creative individual (I’m a Graphic Designer and I love to paint!) I had a blast hanging out with all the bloggers, making Chex Mix. Which I mean, hello — just in time for our visitors! My parents-in-law will be arriving later this afternoon, my sister-in-law the day tomorrow, and this is only the beginning of our December visitors. I’m super excited to entertain!

Decorating-tinsWe learned how to prepare easy-to-make delicious Chex™ Party Mix recipes. I know Muddy Buddies are popular, but my favourite type of mix we made was the peppermint. SO GOOD. We also decorated tins to put the Chex Mix in.

I-heart-ChexI’m not entirely sure Chex is available in Canada, so this was all new to me. Well, I love you now Chex.

Brit-and-Co-Chex-PartyIt’s starting to look a lot like Christmas!









Chex-SpoonCheck that out!, It’s the spiffykerms logo is laser cut into the Chex spoon. Side note do you like my miniature Ikea Christmas tree hanging out on the kitchen counter? I think it’s adorable.






sbux-and-cadHuge thanks to Chex and Brit + Co for hosting a fun Christmas event!

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