It’s a S’mores party!

My trip to San Diego in August to go to BlogHer was all about a lot of firsts. First time I met Shannon, Jess, Nikki, Judy and even Kristin from Iowa Girl Eats, my blogging idol! BlogHer was also the first time I tried a S’more at the Hershey booth and first time I tried a Balance Bar. Can you take a while guess as to what my favorite flavor was?
Aw, yes. S’mores no less. It honestly tastes like a yummy chocolate bar. It’s a fair size as well at 50g per bar. August 14 was my last s’more bar, so it was a sad day when that last bite was taken, wrapped in that gorgeous gold packaging.

But I we don’t have to be sad anymore because I’m here to share the tasty amazing goodness with all of you ladies and gents today residing in the states! Who wants to win a free box of my favorite flavor of S’mores Balance Bar? 15 S’mores bars come in a box!

Share or hoard it, I won’t judge. It is a pretty amazing flavor.

But first! I must tell you about all the amazing different types of Balance Bars! There is a great selection of bars to choose from carb loading bars, cafe bars, bare bars (trail-mix inspired), gold bars (which were my favorite because it included the S’mores) and of course original bars. Each “section” of bars has a few flavor variates for you to choose from! There are so many flavors, my mouth is salivating.

Alright, I know everyone here just wants to get right to it and enter away at this giveaway. So I’ll tell you how you can enter and who is eligible to win a free box of S’mores Balance Bars.


Mandatory Entry: Tell me where and when you would eat your BalanceBar? (Me? I’d eat it after a CrossFit WOD or a climbing sesh. I love to fuel up after a work out!)

For Extra Entries:
Extra Entry #1: Follow @BalanceBar on Twitter
Extra Entry #2:
Follow @spiffykerms on Twitter and tweet this giveaway, “#WIN a 15ct box of @BalanceBar on @spiffykerms’ blog here:

Extra Entry #3:
Share this entry on any social networking, bookmarking or contest site {i.e. StumbleUpon, Digg, etc}

Extra Entry #4: Blog about this giveaway on your own website.
Extra Entry #5:
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The contest will end on November 28, 2011 at 2pm EST. Please do not enter any more comments there after. They will be removed.

Good luck, and enter away!

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Sunny San Diego recap [Day 5]

Our last day!!! So sad. I had such a fabulous time in San Diego California. I already want to go back. I’ll be okay, because in a few days I’ll be on another airplane to another destination.And just like that our trip was over.Hope you enjoyed my overwhelming amount of photos, and blog posts about my trip. I know I sure did ;)

Missed a few San Diego recaps? Read them here!

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Sunny San Diego recap [Day 4]

This is my second last recap from my vacation in San Diego. It’s also going to be the longest since I feel like I’ve been back forever and haven’t posted everything I wanted to show you, lol.

Sunny San Diego burnt me to a crisp. Look how red I was. Ouch ouch ouch.

In-N-Out is a fast food restaurant only in California (though supposedly it’s branching out to other states), and the girls said it was a must-try! The neat thing about In-N-Out is that the food is fresh, never frozen and the potatoes are all made from scratch. I liked the old school style of it. Like it’s from the 50’s!

Shannon and I in the backseat of Judy’s car, all covered up from too much sun the previous day.

We’re just two hours south of Los Angeles. Let’s go!

This was a Mormon Church that we passed along the freeway. Incredible architecture.

So. Many. Palm trees. I love them!

Suitable photo – a surfer on a skateboard. I thought this was neat :) I don’t think he minded a car full of girls smiling at him and taking his photo. AH! Paparazzi!

Surfers, heading to the beach.

Pacific beach!

Where were we off to next?

Judy then drove us up to Mt. Soledad, which was a memorial area for the Veterans, which overlooked the city of San Diego. I took photos of the city, but they weren’t that interesting, so here are some photos of us girls, once again :)

We went driving around for a surf store to do some shopping, but we ended up at a rental place. Fail! So we drove around a bit more, saw this cute antique car.Then found our way to a Surfing rental and retail store. I bought the Boyf a nice shirt, and a tank top for myself. Shannon ended up buying some very neat pieces of art at this spot. Check out the driftwood all modeled into a wave.

Boy this was a fun day. Judy knowing her way around the city, taking us places. Unfortunately Judy had to leave us for a few hours (she lives in San Diego) so we took her car for the afternoon and then headed to Target!

We then dropped two out of us four girls wanted to go shopping/back to the hotel. So Jess and I stole Judy’s car and went for a cruise around town!

This was our hotel, massive right? Twin towers – 25 floors each. We had the best room # ever: 2011.Taking Judy’s car for a little jaunt back to Fashion Valley Mall we went! ha!

First stop. Kate Spade.Business in the front, party in the back. Too bad these heels were uncomfortable and felt cheap on my foot. Otherwise, they would’ve been mine.

We headed back to Norstrom where I purchased some super sparkly earrings for $30!

Eating dinner at The Marble Room (an old Brothel).

That is that! Our final night in San Diego. Tomorrow will just be a short blog entry about my last (morning) there. Sad!!

Psst: Even though my computer is broke at home, I’m still pumping out blog posts from my old school laptop that feels like whenever I lay it on anything the object is going to catch fire. So stay tuned. I’ll need a power supply “or worse” the boyfriend says. Maybe it’s just an easy fix like getting pc to tv cables, or something. I don’t know.

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