bareMinerals Modern Pop

bm-Modern-PopbareMinerals wasn’t a brand I usually gravitated towards, since a number of years back I thought all it consisted of was mineral products (ie: loose powdered products that was a recipe for disaster with my clumsy-self). But lately I’ve been thoroughly enjoying their lip products, and now trying out their eye shadows I’m a convert. One dab into the eye shadow pan and it packs on colour like nobodies business. So you can definitely say their colours are pigmented, and you only need to dip into the product with your brush ever so slightly to get this natural look — something I tend to go for on the regular.





I’m going to walk you through the steps on how I created (yet another) natural look using some of the items in the bareMinerals Modern Pop collection.

bareMinerals-Complexion1. Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair: If I don’t apply an under eye cream my eyes get really dry. This is one of my 2 favourite eye creams that I’ll keep repurchasing.
2. philosophy Full of Promise: This is a firming neck cream, but I prefer to use it on my face when I have annoying dry patches that won’t even go away after exfoliating. It’s the epitome of moisturizing face creams and feels luxurious going on.
3. bareMinerals Complexion Rescue & Beauty Blender Sponge: A new foundation out by bareMinerals. It definitely has a strange consistency as it’s a gel cream formula. What I like best is its a no-mirror application type of coverage. It glides onto the skin but doesn’t give too much coverage unless you want to pile it on.

BeautyBlender-application1. Cle de Peau Concealer & Beauty Blender Sponge: I can’t believe I am almost out of my super expensive concealer. I will definitely head back to Nordstrom to pick this little fella up again. Like always, apply concealer in a triangle shape on the face and under the eyes to appear brighter. Blend in with beauty blender sponge for a natural creaseless look.
2. Nars bronzer (shade Laguna) & bareMinerals brush: I haven’t picked up another full sized bronzer by my favourite brand because I’m trying to use up some samples. I don’t mind this bronzer, but you have to apply using a light hand!
3. NYX Cream Blush (shade Glow): This was the cream blush colour I used on my wedding day. A favourite piece of makeup I cherish, and to achieve a healthy glow with a bit of pink to the cheeks.

Modern-Pop-eyeshadow1. bareMinerals Modern Pop eyeshadow (Modern Icon palette): Apply chic all over the lid, in the inner corner and on brow bone to lighten up the entire eye area.
2. Using the same palette dip your brush into the colour carefree and apply only to the crease of your eye for a pop of peach.
3. Finally, add a touch of the colour exhale to the outer corner of the eye to add depth and deepen up the lash area.

bareMinerals-SS20151. bareMinerals Lasting Line: Apply this shade to the lower lash line.
2. bareMinerals Lash Domination: I loved this mascara so much I gave one to my neighbour. She loves it too! It adds volume and whispy lengths to create a voluminious natural full look to your eyelashes.
3 & 4: I mixed up the two photos, forgive me! I applied bareMinerals lipstick in Express Yourself, and then for some added glossy shine I used bareMinerals cream glaze lip topcoat in a gorgeous vanilla cream colour.

The final look:Final-look-BM-Spring

bareMinerals products were sent for review.


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Get Ready With Me: Valentines Day

Get-Ready-With-Me-VdayThe second Beauty Talk Tuesday is a ‘get ready with me’ for Valentines Day post using a few of my favourite beauty products, along with some new ones that I am currently trying out. Whether you’re staying in with the girls, or going out on a date night, this Valentines Day look is for the woman that prefers subtle makeup. Mainly because I do not know how to do a smokey eye, and I prefer to look more natural than done up. Step by step, I will guide you on how to create this look, using products from philosophy, Dior, bareMinerals and a few others.

Let me know if you like the styling of the photos, and I’ll continue to take them this way. Lets jump into the makeup:Vday-Skincare

1. Dior Capture Totale Le Sérum: My skin is dehydrated so I apply a serum before any other products to lock in moisture.
2. philosophy miracle worker eye cream: A thicker silicone type eye cream, perfect for making the concealer glide on. Using my ring fingers I apply using a dabbing motion, not wiping in order to protect the delicate under eye area.
3. philosophy renewed hope in a jar: I am testing out this new formulation of hope in a jar. It has a lighter consistency than the regular version, it’s excellent for normal skin, but I still prefer the original.

Vday-Makeup1. bareMinerals Complexion Rescue (shades Ginger + Natural): This tinted hydrating gel cream is a brand new product out by bareMinerals. It provides a light to medium coverage, and I prefer mixing the two colours together to achieve a shade that matches my skin perfectly.
2. Cle de Peau concealer (in Beige): Applying concealer in a triangle under the eye immediately brightens the area up. Again, using a tapping motion with the ring finger not only protects the eye area, but keeps the product where you applied it, so it doesn’t smear your foundation.
3. Diorskin Nude Air Tan Powder: Bronzer is my favourite way to make my skin look like its been sun-kissed. I apply the colour to my forehead, temples, under the cheekbones, under the jaw line and on my nose then blend out any harsh lines with my foundation brush.
4. Dior Cheek & Lipglow: I thought this was a silly product when I first received it to review. But once applied, it creates a natural flush to the cheeks. I have been reaching for this on a daily basis over my cream blushes.

Vday-EyeMakeup1. Anastasia Brow Wiz in Caramel: This is an oldie but a goodie. I have dense brows as it is, but I like to reach for this when I am feeling a bit daring. I am not used to filling in my eyebrows, but I like to keep them manicured looking.
2. bareMinerals Lasting Line in Classic Cream: Using this flesh coloured eye pencil, I line my waterline to make my eyes appear wide awake and fresh faced.
3. Dior Backstage Eye Prime in 002: This product is well loved. An eye primer prevents your eye shadows from creasing, mutes out any veins or lines on your eyelid, and allows eye shadow to apply in its true colour.
4. Dior Kingdom Of Colours in House Of Pinks: Using each colour I created an everyday soft pink look with this neutral eye shadow palette.

Vday-Eyes-Lips-Nails1. Diorshow Kohl in black: A thin line of eyeliner is an excellent way to accentuate your eyelashes, and make them look fuller.
2. Tweezerman eye lash curler + bareMinerals Lash Domination mascara: You cannot finish a makeup tutorial and not make your lashes stand out. Lash Domination is a lengthening mascara with a plastic wand, so I didn’t see too much volumizing.
3. bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie lipstick in Dream Big: I think I have found my favourite nude lipstick. I felt confident wearing this all day long, and found myself applying it as soon as I noticed it wearing off.
4. bareMinerals Cream Glaze Lip Topcoat: A clear gloss to add some more attention to the lips. This lip gloss was a bit smelly, so I would use my Buxom or other bareMinerals gloss next time.
5. Dior Vernis in Glory and Top Coat in Blossoming: Painting my nails pink for Valentines day! I used only one coat of Glory, that’s how amazing the Dior formulation is. Then for an accent nail I used the playful confetti-like colour.

The final look!Valentines-Look

 Disclaimer: Dior & bareMinerals products were sent for review. I never receive paid compensation for a blog post. Opinions are my own. 

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Keep that sunkissed glow year round

bareMinerals-touch-up-to-glowBy now people are jumping into the winter scene, recommending how to take care of your skin during the colder months. Products that work on your skin during the summer months mightn’t work during the dry months. In fact, many make-up artists recommend you switch up your foundation when the seasons change. While I agree to it somewhat, I don’t agree that you should go from completely dewy and sun kissed during summer, to a flat matte face for winter. With the dry skin I have, matte doesn’t look good on me and I always prefer to have glowy skin year round.

Here’s the thing. You’ve searched high and low for your holy grail foundation, only for the seasons to change and make up artists are telling us we should switch out our foundation for the summer/winter months! What to do? Rather than go out and buy another foundation in a darker/lighter colour, I have a solution! If you are going into summer and your foundation is too dark: apply a gel bronzer to your foundation: instantly warmed up. If your foundation is too dark, I suggest adding moisturizer to it: creating a lighter shade suitable for your winter skin.

You guys know I have to be reppin’ Canada at any moment possible. Leave a comment if you guys have the exact same pair of mittens, from The Bay! Here are some ways I keep my sun kissed skin for a winter glow.


1. Exfoliate. 2. Self-tan. 3. Apply serum. 4. Moisturize. 5. Apply foundation.
6. Dab concealer where necessary. 7. Add warmth to the skin with bronzer.
8. Apply highlighter. 9. Make your eyelashes flirty with mascara. 10. Add lipgloss.

While you should exfoliate your skin regularly to get rid of dead skin cells, it’s important to also do it when the air is dry and cold in order for your foundation to sit nicely on the skin. To prevent your foundation from looking cakey on your kin, try mixing it with a bit of moisturizer.

Swap out your lightweight summer moisturizer for a thicker one during the winter. I amp it up and use philosophy no reason to hide serum, and a thick moisturizer to really penetrate into the skin to achieve a youthful glow for that, I reach for philosophy back to nurture. I have been using philosophy products since 2011, I know it works so I don’t fuss with my skincare routine one bit.

bareMinerals-touch-up-glowTo make that glow last throughout the day I like to have my cheekbones catch the light. I dab illuminating powder from bareMinerals on the upper corners of the cheekbones, and sometimes if I’m getting really glammed up, I put it on my brow bones, and the inner corners of my eyes. Go for gold undertones if you have warm skin, and silvery pinks if you’re fair. Though, there really are no rules when it comes to applying make up.

close-up-touch-up-to-glow  touch-up-to-glow

Here’s what touch up to glow looks like on my cheek bones. I’m thinking it looks pretty decent, right? My skin definitely has a bit of a sun-kissed glow to it, but it’s not over the top. I’m definitely going to be sporting this makeup look tomorrow when I go to a fun blogging event in San Francisco. I’ll tell you all about it on Thursday though!Winter-Glowy-Skin

Most importantly: remember to hydrate! Your skin will suck up all that H20.

If you’re into wearing make up and don’t mind an extra step, use a primer before foundation as it creates a barrier for any dry spots you may have on your face. Foundation can often accentuate dry patches and if you want to look extra flawless, use a primer. I haven’t used many, and I have tried a sample of Benefit Porefessional, which I enjoyed.

Philosophy and bareMinerals products were sent for review.

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