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Outfit of the work week + a little breathing drama.

Remember, you can CLICK to enlarge the pictures of the work week and read where all the pieces are from.

I went running last night with a different group of people. We did a 7k huge loop, and they weren’t really loving the 10 minute on, 1 minute walking — but I said that I had to have that as my breathing was a bit mental. They didn’t realize what my breathing got like until it was loud. It’s all I can do though, that’s how I breathe when I run and I’m needing that break between minute 10 and 11. The two of the three people that went with us are personal trainers and they seemed quite concerned about my breathing and kept asking if I was alright.  Embarrassing. I just nod, because I hate talking when I’m like that, hah. It just sounds as though I can’t get a deep breath in. They asked if I was wheezy, which I’m not — but they seemed to think so. One of them suggested I had asthma, or running induced asthma. I’m pretty sure I don’t, but then again I never really thought about it.

I have only been running for 4 months, but at the same time you’d think it would get better. I can run for longer distances but my breathing remains troublesome. Get this, I don’t think my breathing is terrible on treadmills. Then again, I haven’t been on a treadmill in months so I guess I wouldn’t really know if I hopped on one and ran distance.

Some of the suggestions that the runners told me (including my Boyf):

  • Breath through your nose, out through your mouth (impossible)
  • Lean over when you run up hills (much easier on your breathing, I tried it yesterday!)
  • Slow down your pace (how much slower can I get!! I’m doing a 10 minute mile some days.

It’s just very difficult to go to a family doctor who is in a completely different city 40+ minutes away. Taking time off work, making that time up. Then probably getting referred to a specialist. Maybe I’m reading way too much into this, I’m not sure. But I’m really annoyed with my breathing. It’s why I need my one minute break in between the 10 minute runs. The trainers couldn’t get over that I fully recovered with that one minute break, and my breathing only affected me when I was at minute 7-8 or so.

Pain in the butt, that’s for sure. It could be nerves, it could even possibly BE asthma. Funny thing is that I can control is, so that makes me think it’s nerves. I need to mentally focus and challenge myself to say “this is a leisure run, you’re not running for time. You’re stronger than you think you are. Breathe slowly”. I think I miss running with my running buddy (we run together but still in groups), because she “calmed” my breathing down, ha.

I think I’m going to try and go for another run tomorrow, by myself — really slow (maybe) and see if I can control it. Because if I can, it’s nerves. Right? I gotta be right.

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Hair Wax?

Let me re-phrase that. I got a hair cut and  first time my car got waxed today!

I’ve been wanting to wax my car for the longest time, and can you believe that this is the first time I washed it since I bought it in October? When I brought it into the dealership in February before my warranty was up, they washed it for me… plus the rain every now and then gave it a good going over. But before I really did bring it in to get waxed (because I sure as hell am not doing that myself) I wanted to get the paint chips cleaned up on the hood of the car due to the highway rocks flicking up on it.

I dropped it off in the morning and the CEO came with me (he’s my buddy!) so I could drive back to work. We went to pick it up…and thar she be. Snowball.

What a beaut.

I keep the inside of my car pretty spic and span. I don’t like to drink/eat inside the vehicle so that helps with gunk and grossness. But they cleaned the inside of my car too, and sprayed it with some funky (as in, not great smelling) air freshener. I keep the inside of my car pretty spic and span, so they somewhat wasted their time doing that – but at least I didn’t pay full price! The CEO of our company has been going there for years, so I got a pretty hefty discount. Happy!!

I’d post pictures of my hair cut but he didn’t do a nice job styling it today ha! He usually does an awesome job but my makeup is all smeared and my hair is wild. So you’ll only get to see part of it.

There ya go. Stay tuned for tomorrow mornings OOTWW (Outfit of the Work Week). Little late on that…

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Nothing much new over on this end

Referring back to yesterday’s post… how do you pick out a cleaning lady? I’m always paranoid that they’ll steal stuff on me.

I put together a super cute outfit yesterday. Here’s a sneak peak of it before Friday’s OOTWW. It definitely helps save time in the morning getting everything ready on Sundays, and if I don’t want to wear something that I put together (like yesterday I almost looked like a Nurse, because I first had a white top picked out. It was terrible.) I just grab whatever else is on the shelf and put it on.

Tonight’s running is out, again. I’m still annoyed at my leg injury from soccer. Still feels like a shin splint not on my shin. I’m going to give it a few more days and start running again. I know my endurance has probably plummeted but I’m resting it now to prevent long-term damage. Right? Smart thinkin.

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