You NEED this CD

My heart. Right now. Is pounding out of my chest. I’m that excited.

I finally found my FAVORITE 2CD pack. Online. [Renaissance [uk] Dave Seaman – I HAVE TO HAVE THIS!!!!!!] Trevor lent me a 2 CD set, while I burnt off a copy. He then lent the original CD package, to a friend. That friend “lost” those two cds. I’m now, the only one in Newfoundland with these two cd’s. Apparently it was bought in Australia, and super hard to track down. Trev and I went to all the CD stores in the CITY to look for this, and they don’t know what we’re talking about. I found it online somehow I don’t know how. But I got it. Maybe I’ll order it some day. But hot damn am I ever excited. This two pack of CDS, i listen to EVERYTIME I’m in the car. Everyone is sick of these two cds, except for me. CD 2, Song #7 is a song I listen to before I go to climbing competitions. It’s almost hypnotic. I have to share these songs with you all somehow. How do I change a full CD, into Mp3s? I used to have a program, but I don’t even remember what it’s called. Anyway. I’m heading out to Starbucks with my buddy now.


P.S: NOt sure if Megan reads this. But happy birthday girl!

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My gums, taste like soap

Okay, I offically hate the television, and movies. I haven’t left the house since Thursday afternoon. I haven’t even been on MSN regularly until today. I can’t even count how many hours of junk I’ve watched. I was on the couch from Thursday, until yesterday…from when I woke up, til I went to bed. I’m chewing solids now, though it hurts like a son of a gun. I have huge ear aches that I’m complaining about. But no pain in my gums. The swelling has gone down, and now my face is back to normal, unlike before when I had Jay Leno’s head, attached to my small body. What a site that was. Mom wanted to take photos, and laugh. But I didn’t let her. I wore my hoody up for days, and an ice pack literally tied to my head. Those things from the hospital are fantastic.

Heading to the climbing gym tomorrow evening. I cannot wait to get back in there. Plus, with this whole wisdom tooth thing, I’ve let my left ring finger heal. The tendon was pulled and I had to tape it everytime I climbed. Now it feels 110% There’s a climbing competition on Sunday afternoon. If you want details, just e-mail, or message me. Or.. well.. just leave a comment on the site. Yep! I’m feelin’ strong baby.

My gums, taste like soap. I just got out of the shower. That can’t be it though. I don’t remember swallowing any soapy water. What the heck b’y?

Easter/Spring break is coming up on the 25th of this month. We get 9 days off. Thank the lord. Then I can catch up on school work that I’ve been slacking on. I hate being a procrastinator. Maybe when I get all my school work done. I’ll buy a gym membership. I haven’t ran in about 3 weeks, and I havne’t worked out in about 4 weeks. It’s driving me nuts, and I have no engery anymore like i used to, when I worked out. I love that feeling (Energy…)

Ron is going to dye my hair on Wednesday. How exciting this is! I love getting head massages. That sounds SO weird, but Tectonics gives head massages when they wash your hair. It feels so great. I almost fall asleep. Speaking of sleep. I’m going to bed, because I hate mornings, and the more sleep I’ll get, the less cranky I will be tomorrow morning. Hopefully. Good night all.

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Wisdom teeth – GONE!

I’ve been looking after my neighbours dogs for 11 days now. They come back tonight. I can’t wait to get paid, because I’m going to get my hair dyed either next Wednesday or Friday. He’s going to change my base color, and I’m not sure if he’s going lighter or darker. But I prefer to go lighter right now. I’m kinda bored of this dark hair. Eee, I’m excited. Okay, the next (loonngg) paragraph is about my wisdom teeth. Read on if interested. If not – … um just skip? hah

And they said I wouldn’t remember a thing! As you all know. I had four of my wisdom teeth removed yesterday afternoon. I was in the waiting room for two hours before they made me change into hospital wear.

So, I changed my clothes into the Johnny coat, and they wheeled me into the Day Surgery waiting area, right outside the O.R.

You’ll never guess who was the anesthesiologist! My climbing friend I’ve known, for 10 years. Noel.

It was soo nice to see someone I knew there. Before he got there, I was just sitting in the wheel chair, covered up in blankets, thoughts running through my head like a mad man, I almost cried I was that worried. There was a huge lump in my throat and I kept blinking a lot so tears wouldn’t run down my face. haha. I was shaking, I was that nervous.

Noel said he’d take care of me. I was wheeled into the O.R by some Nurse. She told me to take off the top layer of the gown, and I had another one underneath that just had to be draped over me. I hopped up onto the table, and they put 4 or 5 sticker type, heart monitor things on my chest and the side of my stomach. Then they pinned my legs down with some velcro. I joked around and said “Is that in case I kick you in my sleep?”

Noel put a freezing needle in my wrist, so the IV wouldn’t hurt going in. After it froze, he put an IV in my wrist. He told me after I’m asleep, he’ll put a breathing tube down my throat. Nice..! I remember him putting two different things in my IV. I said “Hey, don’t work on me yet, I’m not out. I don’t feel anything happening.”

So he put something else in, and said “I’m going to get you on a good high” or something like that. I blinked twice, trying to keep my eyes open, and I just zonked out.

When I woke up I heard Noel say something like “open your eyes” I didn’t want to because I knew it’d be bright. He held my hand and I squeezed it super hard. By this time they took off the sticker type heart monitors, the breathing tube was gone, my legs weren’t tied down and I had a heart monitor thing, clamped to my index finger, and an oxygen thing going up my nose. I looked over to my left and I saw my heart rate was 98 beats per minute, and then after a few minutes it went down to 68. I was wondering why it dropped so much.

The Nurse looking after me in Recovery told me my heart was just beating fast from the ‘stress of the surgery’. Funny hey? They said they were going to keep me in recovery for 15 minutes, but I was in there for 45. After that, they wheeled me into another recovery room (not the O.R one, but the one where I changed into my Johnny Coat). My Mom saw me being wheeled out and she came over. I wasn’t really feeling any pain, but I was spitting a lot of blood into tissues. I stayed in that bed for 15 minutes and they told me to get dressed. I wanted to stay and rest there, forever! I wasn’t ready to go home. Anyway, I changed my clothes and by that time, Nature called me. A Nurse assisted me to the washroom and boy was I ever dizzy, I was shuffling along my feet, and I felt SO stomach sick. I didn’t throw up once yesterday, or today. I only bled for 4hours, my face isn’t bruise, nor my hand where the IV was. I still haven’t had any pain. I kinda knew that I was going to be that way though. A lot of people said I’d bleed for 8hrs, I’ll be in such misery and not open my jaw more than a 1/4 inch or so. But man, I’ve been stuffing my face full of soft foods and liquids today.

I gained three pounds since yesterday. haha. But yesterday I had NOTHING to eat the whole day, because I had to fast. So. There’s my detailed story about my wisdom teeth. My jaw is bigger than Jay Leno’s and I look rediculous with a scarf wrapped around my head keeping the ice pack on, because my hands are froze from keeping in held up. haha!! The swelling on my lower jaw is retarded. My Mom took a picture of me, and I was soo not happy when she did that. I’m glad I wasn’t born with a big jaw line. Cause man I look bad! :P Anyway. I’m going to go check some e-mail, and head back upstairs on the recliner and pass out again. Lata.

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