Chemo gives me shivers

Just drove Dad to his second day at Chemothereapy. I don’t like sitting there with him, and all the sick patients around. It gives me the shivers. He sits there for about an hour, with the IV in. So half way through I get hungry, and head up to Tim Hortons.

Along the way, I always see at least 5 of my old co-workers from Housekeeping. Some of those people are so nosey. They always want to know what you’re doing at the Hospital, if you’re not in uniform.It’s none of their business anyhow, so I don’t tell them. I love those shocked faces of me saying, “I’m not telling you why.” haha. Yeah, it may be rude or harsh of me. But seriously now, I don’t want rumors starting at the Hospital about me. They stretch out stories like mad up there.

Speaking of rumors.. don’t you love it when you find out that your “best friend” is talking about you behind your back, and NONE of it is true? Why do people do that? Say stuff that isn’t true! Jealousy? I don’t know, but it’s making me very angry. Whammm!!!! Nailed me in the back. I guess technically that person isn’t my best friend, Huh? I’m incrediably sick of it, for heaven sakes. Stuff like this is expected in High School. Not now. I guess, I’ll have to go back to my old ways. Stop hanging out with this person who calls me their best friend. I cannot talk to this person about anything anymore, because they’re such a hypocrit. Argh!

Onto another subject. I still haven’t found out from my teacher yet, if we can go back to school tomorrow morning or not. I suppose he’ll e-mail me soon!?

I’m gonna go to the gym, sometime today. Johanna can’t get her truck, and I can’t get my car. I haven’t worked out in a few days, and I’m getting anxious to hit up the gym again.

I was in the newspaper yesterday. I’m going to either scan, or take a photo of it today so I can show you all. Weehehehehehe.. lovely.

Good news about my digital camera. I don’t have to send it away. One of my teachers fixes 35mm’s, and he looked at it, and thinks he can fix the button that takes pictures! I’m excited.

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Huge computer sale. Marrr, nerdddd

DJ Dayhota is in town again tonight. Playing her set from 4am-7am apparently. I’m not sure if I’m going to go watch or not. I had a pretty crazy drinking night last night. Finally a 10 day break, without assignments to do. I love it. Intersession starts on May 2nd, and goes til June 17th. It’ll be a crazy intense time I tell you.

Thursday, I brought in my digital camera to get fixed. They’re going to call me with an estimate on it. I hope it doesn’t cost a lot. Jebus. But I really do miss that camera, when I’m out with friends. Last night would have been a hilarious time to have it.

Well, gotta get dressed, heading out to this computer store. They’re having a huge ass sale!

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Yeah, I’m still around. I haven’t been climbing since last Monday night. I’ve been overwhelmed with school. I’ve finally completed all my projects for this semester. Now I’m going to study for two days. That’s all I get! My exam is on Wednesday, and I have another one on Thursday. Not too bad, just two exams. There’s also an interview type deal with three of my teachers. It’s not an oral exam.. I have no idea what it is really. I just cannot wait to be done this term. I get a week break, then I go back again for a 6 week intersession which I know is going to be brutal. Great study weather huh. It’s like 15ºC outside today. Super warm out. I can wear a t-shirt, and not be cold. Danget. Back to the books I go.

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