Sleep needs me right now

I’m so glad that I get Wednesday afternoons off at school. I’m really tired today, so I think I’m going to take a nap. Since Trev isn’t answering the phone. I wanted to pick him up and drive him to the College so he could get school applications and stuff. I think he’s asleep. Sleep needs me right now.

I still have a stupid cough. I don’t feel sick, nor do I have a sinus infection. When I went outside for that quick run last week.. or maybe it was the week before. Whatever. I still have a cough that’s not going away. I wear a scarf and a hoody to bed. Otherwise I’ll cough myself awake. It’s happened! I even have 3 blankets. No more can fit on, otherwise I’d die of suffocation. Jebus.

Boring entry today. Sometimes that’s bound to happen. I’m super happy that I’m caught up with school now. No subliminal stress for me anymore! Actually, how would I know? It’s subliminal. So I wouldn’t know anyway. Well.. I don’t really feel stressed, and I’m in a better mood the past week or two. Looks good.

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Glad I climbed

Glad I went climbing tonight. I was really tired when I came home from school today. I think everyone at school is stressed and pissed off. Everyone’s acting the same way. I can’t wait for this semester to be over with. I’ve only got TWO finals, one which is a written, and one is a practical. Sweet hey. I’m caught up on ALL of my assignments. It feels so weird :)

I think Johanna and I are going to work out sometime this week. I’m going to give her a call soon. I like working out with her, we’re competitive with eachother and push one another to go for more reps and stuff. I dunno.. it’s awesome. I always feel soo good after going to the gym. I just don’t go often, because nobody else wants to really go. I don’t like going by myself. But I don’t mind working out alone. Yah!? yah.

I’m gonna go wash up, and head to bed. I have a fieldtrip tomorrow at school. yaaaaay. :/ Boring.

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Got my hair refreshed tonight. Headed over to Ron’s after supper, and stayed til just now. What a neat night. That’s it.

Just plain neat. I hate my optical wireless mouse. I wish it had a recharger instead of batteries. I don’t like batteries. Excuse me while I write foolish nonsence in this entry for today.

Since it’s 3:12am, and the clocks went ahead. So, really. I do not know what time it technically is. My watch says 3:12, my computer says 3:12 but everything else has 2:12. Wow, that looked like something out of the bible. 2:12. 2:12. Hmm. Toldja, foolish stuff goin down on here tonight b’ys. I tell ya.

Shag dis I says. I got my hair refreshed tonight, wanna touch it? Wannaaaaa touch ittttttttt? Ron told me that I remind him of Katherine Mary Gallager. Do you know who that is? “I love it i love it i love it”, off SNL. Yah? Get what I’m getting at? BOOYAHHH.

I was tired earlier. I dropped of Tbag like I forget how long ago. Really. I do forget. HAHA. I went driving, with my house music on.. loud. I felt as if I was speeding. But i was going the speed limit. That’s not like me at all. Nancy with a lighter is dangerous. No, I didn’t drive with a lighter in my hand. Lighters. haha.. that types weird. Lighters. Lighters.

I also think the name Kenric is a funny name. A guy we call Ken who is a DJ in town.. his full name is Kenric. It sounds funny on my tongue. EEEP!! This may be boring you, but it’s certainly not boring me. I’m just having fun typing on my new silent keyboard. My other one was ghetto. I was holding up the back of it, with my mp3 player and a post-it note sticky pad. HAHAHA. No dice. Actually. Yes, dice. I got me a new one, with a $10 rebate. Jebus. I wish people don’t message me 3am asking if I’m awake. Would I be on msn if I was asleep? How do people do that. Beep beep beep……….beep. beep beep beep. I think I might go climbing tomorrow. I’m hungry. I’ve got the 3:18am munchies. I had cheezies tonight. I paid with it, out of my bank card. A bag of cheezies on my bank card, how silly is that? My hands are cold. I don’t really like to be cold. I’m more of a warm person. Ever since I went for a jog, i’ve had a cough. Ron gave me some green tea tonight. I thought it tasted just like hot water. So i put 5 sugars in it. I liked it then. Mm green tea. It smelled funny. But i drank it. I’m in the mood for some sweet onion chicken teriykae from subway. I don’t like onions, but i like that sub. (With no onions). Bye.

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