Adventures in Nancytown

I probably have a concussion. Saturday night I was drinking, my friend Scott told me to jump on their back, they didn’t catch me and I fell right over him and landed head first onto the concrete. My shoulder really hurts, and so does my head. Guess I won’t be doing that anytime soon.

My birthday is on Saturday. The people in my class and I are going out for dinner later on this week to celebrate it, I’m takin’ Ryan with me too – It’ll be pretty nice. By that time I think I’ll own a new digital camera. I got my income tax return back, so I think my Mom and I are going halfs on one, for my birthday.

Intersession at school started today. We got a ton of assignments to do already. Plus a marketing research assignment. I’m the “team leader”!! Woohoo. I’m hoping to do a good job, being the leader. I told anyone if I suck, to kick me off the totem pole. Booyaw.

I’m starving. I don’t remember what I ate for lunch today. The day flew by and all I saw were assignments which are due soon. June 10th and it’s summer time for meeeee.

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92 bucks?NO way

My digital camera costs $92.00 to have the pin, inside the button which takes pictures, replaced. BULL flippin BIRD POOP I say. I think that’s a ridiculous amount of money to pay. It’s only a pin for heaven sakes. So, I’m going back up to the bad customer service place, where I brought it and getting my bloomin’ camera back. Going to sell it locally. It’s easily fixable. I just don’t have the part. I hope I get my income tax return before my birthday. I want to take photos. :(

Going shopping with Jenna shortly, then heading up to the climbing gym.

I’m now addicted to working out. I loooove it. Booyaw. I have no news. Bye.

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Changing my routine

I headed up to the gym with Johanna tonight. I changed my routine. I used to just go in and do endurance on my whole body, but now I’m lifting more weights, and less reps. I’m going for definition now. Ran into too many people at the gym – I hate talking while I’m at the gym, I loose count easily. People don’t get the hint when I stick up my (index) finger and say “One sec.” Bah! Anyway, I ran into a girl I went to High School with, and used to play soccer with. She hasn’t played in 5 years, I haven’t played in 4 years. The coaches were just absolute nut balls. Not letting people play. It wasn’t even a competitive team. But now apparently this year they have Teir 1 & 2. We exchanged e-mail addresses, and she’s going to let me know who to call, so I can DEFINITELY play soccer this year. Wow, I can’t believe it’d be 4 years if I didn’t play this summer. Sick hey? I’m super stoked to get back on the feild.

Went out to lunch today, at a Mexican Restaurant. Yummy food! I obviously had chicken.. woo. Thanks Ryan! :)

Oh oh! I’m also excited that Dale is coming back to Newfoundland in August. Can’t wait to hit George Street, with him again. I haven’t seen this BC Boy since 2002, it’ll be a fun visit I’m sure. I promise not to puke on pedestrians, nor let the cops worry about me, and I will not get kicked out of bars. Yeh-yeah!!!

Lovin’ my time off. I’ve got lots of time to sleep in (if you call 10am sleeping in), working out more, climbing less (I know, it sucks!).. partying a little more – which was much needed!

How’s that for an update. I’m gone upstairs to warm up. Way too cold in my basement.

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