Mitchells-Cove-headerI have to rant for about a paragraph, then I’ll be done.

Yesterday I took Alfie to Mitchell’s Cove Beach in Santa Cruz, it’s an off leash dog beach that is quite secluded and safe for dogs to run around and not go back up to the main road. We were in the Santa Cruz area for a good couple of hours and I took a ton of footage on my “vlogging camera” (aka 8 year old pixelated canon that I really love but is such poor quality). 3 hours of editing, getting music right and finding free royalty-free music to use. It still won’t save. I guess I need to get out of the stone age and use something other than windows movie maker. I’m trying to keep up the vlogging every Monday and Wednesday. And if you’re new to the word vlog/vlogging, it basically means video-bloggging. Exactly what I’m doing here on spiffykerms but in video format. A more “follow me around” type of deal. You can check out my YouTube channel here if you want, there’s 3 videos that went live already.

Alright, let’s get into the fun stuff. Mitchell’s Cove Beach with Alfie!








After we spent an hour or so at Mitchell’s Cove dog beach, we drove up W. Cliff Drive for about a kilometer or so and went to the main boardwalk area. That’s when we scoped out some surfers!! I still can’t believe it, it’s so cool seeing them down in the water trying to catch some waves. Alfie and I arrived there around 10:30 in the morning, so I’m not sure if it was too early/too late but the surfers were waiting quite a bit for some waves. Hence the lack of fun surfing pictures.

The boardwalk area of Santa Cruz is quite popular with the tourists, myself included. There’s a seaside amusement park, which of course doesn’t allow pets – understandbaly. But we had a grand ol’ walk from edge to edge, and checked out one of the bridges. So you get a selfie of Alfie and I :)

About to head back up to the Bay Area. But first, I had to show you an adorable snap of Alfie hanging out the window (crying) for fear I was going to leave him. I was snappin’ shots of this Toyota Camry I have for reviewing purposes for about a week. Fun hey?! I’m wondering if all review cars from Toyota are going to be red?! ;) Alfie-in-Toyota-Camry

Enjoy your weekend. Go explore!

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POM Friday . 25

I gave Alfie a hair cut about a week or so ago. Basically I botched him, and he looked a bit silly for a while until his hair grew back in (especially on his little heiny). But now I think he looks like a cute lil’ buds.

We were picking up The Guy from work the other day, and I took Alfie with me. We were parked when I was taking these photos of him, of course. But I couldn’t help but take a TON of them since he looked so cute with all the head-tilting he does when I speak to him.

As soon as he spotted The Guy, I didn’t even have to tell him he was approaching the car. Alfie started barking consistently, in a really familiar bark. Not his usual angry bark, but more of a “hey, I know him! Get closer! Come here!” bark. It was really cute. So I let him bark. Even though his barking annoys the eff out of me.

Small dogs.

Okay. To the pictures!

tiny Alfie

Alfie head tilt


Alfie the Pom

Alfie being weirdThis the way Alfie looks when he’s confused as to why we’re stopped, no sign of what we’re about to be doing. Then he gets all nervous and weird, starts panting and rubbing his back on everything, and makes this specific face. Cracks me up!

Have a great weekend everyone :)

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There’s a Central Park in Santa Clara?!

Central-Park-SCI had all kinds of intentions of checking out Kelley Park somewhere in San Jose, until Alfie and I drove there and it took me to the entrance to the Zoo! Weird. Definitely not going in the zoo and/or paying for parking when I just want to jaunt around aimlessly in a pretty lookin’ park. So that was out of the question. I started driving around and spotted signs for Central Park.

Searching for parks in the San Jose area that are free to enter, and dog friendly is tough. But I found one! Who knew there was a Central Park in Santa Clara?!

 Like every time we go some place new, Alfie is a wild beast on the leash so to speak. He gets really nervous and as I’ve mentioned many a time, he gets nervous poops. I was readily prepared with about 5 (empty lol) bags before we ventured out on our afternoon walk yesterday.

A really pretty park, and quite large — and extremely dirty with bird poo around the pond where all the ducks and Canadian Geese are, so be mindful of that. None the less, it was a pretty park to explore for a little bit of the afternoon. Until the Canadian Geese looked like they were ready to attack Alfie and I. I took a picture in case I needed it for evidence ;)



CentralPark-San-JoseNot sure exactly what this was. Some sort of hang out pavilion. Many people were chawin’ on their lunch when I walked through here.




Canadian-GeeseHere’s where they wouldn’t let us cross. Hey I’m Canadian too don’t be hissin’ at me b’y. Make no wonder though, spot the babies in the back? So cute. But kinda terrifying. I made sure to pick Alfie up in my arms and walk around them up on the grass. I do not want to be attacked by one of those gigantors.




Central Park Santa Clara
969 Kiely Boulevard, Santa Clara CA

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