Santa Clara University // POM Friday

Santa-Clara-headerWe never stop exploring. I think that’s what keeps me excited about living here in California. There is just so much to see, and do — and luckily most everything seems to be quite dog friendly.

Santa-Clara-Uni-fountainAlfie is our little buddy (his name is NOT buddy for those leaving comments haha!) and we take him almost every adventure we go on. This time, I explored the Santa Clara University campus on the 4th of July weekend while my husband cycled down in Santa Cruz.

Walkways-in-Santa-Clara-UniConsidering it was a long weekend, add in the fact it’s summer break and you have a secluded almost eerie feeling University campus. I left Alfie off the leash for a bit of it, since it was all walk-ways, no roads, and zero pedestrian traffic. Perfect time to snap some shots!





PalmI’m not entirely sure what Santa Clara University is known for, but I’m going to guess Law School, and Engineering.

Alfie-and-flowersPretty sure Alfie loves a bit of freedom from time to time, so being off leash he’s a little happy boy! Look at him sitting up on that bench like he owns the place. Ha!




Mission-Santa-Clara-doorsIf it wasn’t such a scorcher of a day, I’d spend a little more time here. All we could both bear was about 30 minutes and my face was sweating, and Alfie’s tongue was half way down to the ground. Lil’ fella needed to head home and get some water.



Uni-Santa-Clara-churchAlfie just taking in the views! Is it a dogs life, or what.


I’ll let the rest of the photos do the talking. Hope you enjoyed this week’s Pomeranian Friday. I try to post about Alfie’s adventures once a week. But sometimes we run out of time, or don’t go anywhere in particular. But clearly this day was one to be captured — and I took an abundance of photos. Yay!






Horse-statueI’m going to take a wild guess and assume that the sign “Do not climb. Under video surveillance” was put there for good reason. I can imagine University students being a little tipsy and gettin’ up and giv’ner on the horse. Ya knows now.

Santa-Clara-UniProbably one of my favourite photos of Alfie, of all time.



Full-tiltHe loves the “Alfie — COME!” command. Look at that smile as he runs to me full belt.

Fountain-Santa-Clara-UniverBeautiful water feature with those huge palm trees in the back. Perfection man.


Santa Clara University
500 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95053

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Mitchells-Cove-headerI have to rant for about a paragraph, then I’ll be done.

Yesterday I took Alfie to Mitchell’s Cove Beach in Santa Cruz, it’s an off leash dog beach that is quite secluded and safe for dogs to run around and not go back up to the main road. We were in the Santa Cruz area for a good couple of hours and I took a ton of footage on my “vlogging camera” (aka 8 year old pixelated canon that I really love but is such poor quality). 3 hours of editing, getting music right and finding free royalty-free music to use. It still won’t save. I guess I need to get out of the stone age and use something other than windows movie maker. I’m trying to keep up the vlogging every Monday and Wednesday. And if you’re new to the word vlog/vlogging, it basically means video-bloggging. Exactly what I’m doing here on spiffykerms but in video format. A more “follow me around” type of deal. You can check out my YouTube channel here if you want, there’s 3 videos that went live already.

Alright, let’s get into the fun stuff. Mitchell’s Cove Beach with Alfie!








After we spent an hour or so at Mitchell’s Cove dog beach, we drove up W. Cliff Drive for about a kilometer or so and went to the main boardwalk area. That’s when we scoped out some surfers!! I still can’t believe it, it’s so cool seeing them down in the water trying to catch some waves. Alfie and I arrived there around 10:30 in the morning, so I’m not sure if it was too early/too late but the surfers were waiting quite a bit for some waves. Hence the lack of fun surfing pictures.

The boardwalk area of Santa Cruz is quite popular with the tourists, myself included. There’s a seaside amusement park, which of course doesn’t allow pets – understandbaly. But we had a grand ol’ walk from edge to edge, and checked out one of the bridges. So you get a selfie of Alfie and I :)

About to head back up to the Bay Area. But first, I had to show you an adorable snap of Alfie hanging out the window (crying) for fear I was going to leave him. I was snappin’ shots of this Toyota Camry I have for reviewing purposes for about a week. Fun hey?! I’m wondering if all review cars from Toyota are going to be red?! ;) Alfie-in-Toyota-Camry

Enjoy your weekend. Go explore!

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POM Friday . 25

I gave Alfie a hair cut about a week or so ago. Basically I botched him, and he looked a bit silly for a while until his hair grew back in (especially on his little heiny). But now I think he looks like a cute lil’ buds.

We were picking up The Guy from work the other day, and I took Alfie with me. We were parked when I was taking these photos of him, of course. But I couldn’t help but take a TON of them since he looked so cute with all the head-tilting he does when I speak to him.

As soon as he spotted The Guy, I didn’t even have to tell him he was approaching the car. Alfie started barking consistently, in a really familiar bark. Not his usual angry bark, but more of a “hey, I know him! Get closer! Come here!” bark. It was really cute. So I let him bark. Even though his barking annoys the eff out of me.

Small dogs.

Okay. To the pictures!

tiny Alfie

Alfie head tilt


Alfie the Pom

Alfie being weirdThis the way Alfie looks when he’s confused as to why we’re stopped, no sign of what we’re about to be doing. Then he gets all nervous and weird, starts panting and rubbing his back on everything, and makes this specific face. Cracks me up!

Have a great weekend everyone :)

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