Pom Friday . 2

Alfie is a weird Pomeranian. All my life I’ve had medium sized mutt’s, so having a tiny pup like Alfie is always an adventure. He’s full of energy most of the time, and he’s always checking out new places. When I’m getting ready in the morning he whimpers to get into the bathtub. Occasionally he’ll jump in there himself, but when we moved to the town home the tub’s edge must be intimidating to him. He gets a boost up and walks around in the tub like he’s King of the Castle. Figures. He always acts like that.

So for Halloween, I thought I’d dress him up like he was getting a scrub down in one of his favourite spots. We don’t bathe him often, because we don’t want his skin to dry out, plus he doesn’t get incredibly dirty anyway. It’s not like we’re taking him in the mud and dirt for him to roll around. He much prefers to do that in grass, or snow. Not going to be seeing that for a little while, buddy.

When I placed my shower cap on his head, I couldn’t hold my BlackBerry up without shaking my hands from laughing so hard. Oh the uncontrollable later had me falling on my butt trying to get Alfie stabalized, not looking all around the tub, so I could snap a few treasures.

Lil guy will do anything for a treat (chip off the ol’ block). Watch out, the first few he’s giving you a little leg action there — what do you think, Next Top Dog?

Happy Halloween! Enjoy the photos.Alfie-shower-cap-1







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Pom Friday . 1

In honour of Alfie’s 5th birthday (yesterday!), I’ve decided to do a weekly feature of our happy little Pomeranian.

He doesn’t get nearly enough screen time so what better way to change that, than to feature him every Friday? I kept trying to think of a clever alliteration that could present you with. But nothing came to mind other than Pom Friday, Spiffydog — original right.

He’s a great bit of fun, and has a mind of his own. Throughout each week, I’ll tell a story about his antics, what he’s been up to, or other dog related things I think you may enjoy.

For now, enjoy these pictures of him enjoying his multi-daily walks.Walking-Alfie-1




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