SDM Haul

When I browsed around the trade show the other day I was offered some freebie samples of Clarin’s makeup. The makeup artist told me that they sell their products at Shoppers Drug Mart. I was thinking to myself that I probably won’t change my makeup routine from MAC to some drug store old woman brand.

But I was certainly wrong! I want to get my hands on it right now!

I know I only had a 1 day sample of the makeup, but sweet mercy was it ever silky smooth on my skin [I tried out the natural finish foundation]. It literally glided onto my skin and I  was surprised. I’m not a fan of the scent they have in the foundation. It smelled kind of like a 40/50 year old’s woman perfume.  I don’t need a lot of cover up so the natural finish coverage worked out pretty well. Clarin’s spokesperson/makeup artist whatever you’d like to call her told me that they have a spray fixer that ‘sets’ your foundation so to speak. I have never had a need for it. But I’m kind of … ok I’m really interested in seeing if it actually works.

So I headed into SDM on Thursday and browsed around the beauty section for a bit until I asked the counter person if they sell that brand. Unfortunately not at that location. But she recommended Avène. I bought it right away as I am an avid user of their lip balm that I wrote about ageeess ago. In fact I remember writing about this ‘fix/spray’ stuff before, back in March when my boss actually ended up purchasing some of it. She bought herself the misting spray and introduced me to their lip balm by purchasing it for me — that’s how I grew to know their products. I just thought it was a mist for cooling yourself off, which it is too in a sense. But it’s for setting your foundation too.

While I was at the cash in the beauty section the sales woman asked me if I was a makeup junkie like herself. I suppose I am to a degree, but I’m not crazy with it and have a ‘collection’. I saw the Lise Watier concealer wheel and I remembered viewing youtube videos on how awesome it was. I’m not sure what was with me that evening, but — what the hell, I bought that too! Don’t tell me the price, I don’t mind! I’ll buy it. Type of attitude. It was alright by me I guess.

I brought it home and tried it out immediately. Umm. I think I’m going to e-mail Lise herself and tell her how freaking fantastic these concealer creams are. I think I died and went to heaven. I’m not even kidding. I used it for a few days now, and I probably shouldn’t be jinxing myself because tomorrow I”ll probably break out from using it too much.

Check out some of the reviews it received on their website:

I’ve been using Portfolio for a few years now, it is SO amazing!!! The formula is light, not thick but very creamy! And with the corrector colours, you can conceal exactly where your face needs it! I now use a lot less product on my face because using the Portfolio Corrector make my skin flawless! I’ve used this product for 2 years now, and have no intention of changing it! It covers, highlights, and tones down, it’s definitely a multi-purpose product. Try it, you won’t be disappointed! 5 stars!


This product provides excellent coverage of redness, dark circles, age spots, and troubled skin. In addition, it provides colour that allows you to subtly sculpt your face, highlight, contour and enhance. It goes on smooth and stays put all day.

They even have a GOSH cosmetics set up at Shoppers Drug Mart. There’s a Brit that I subscribe to on YouTube who always wears this nude lipstick by GOSH cosmetics in the shade called ‘Darling’. Each time I go to pick it up (okay, two times ever) it was sold out. I guess it’s a popular color!

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This girl needs to shop

I don’t mind purchasing something expensive that I know will last me a long time. For example, I’m eying these Coach shoes. I’m in desperate need for a nice pair of  black flats. The ones that I got for $24 at Reitmans just aren’t cutting it. In fact, they’re falling apart at the soles and I just keep wearing them. Gross right? Too bad. I need a pair of plain black ones because sometimes my outfit speaks for itself and I don’t need to have something clashing against them like my black and white zebra shoes.


I’m surprised they’re not more expensive, considering the brand name. I mean heck, I’ve paid more for other brands of shoes! Plus, I’m surprised I’m even considering these shoes. I usually dislike buying things that so many other people have already — like those monogrammed bags and wristlets of theirs, but for $118 I’ll think about it for a little while, seeing as they just opened a new Coach store in one of the malls here. Nice.

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All about the past

ootd-sept29Yesterday I wore this outfit since on Monday I was literally freezing my bum off in the office. I’m not used to a really open modern office concept. I was so cold I kept having to tissue off my nose. Sorry if that’s TMI, but it’s true! Look how bundled up I was. In the A.M. the bus is always so packed I’m standing and unwillingly close to someone’s dandruffy scalp that I can smell it. Not pleasant. I ended up mistakenly wearing my rain jacket on the bus — you can’t breath in those. Thankfully the bus really does only take 11 minutes to get to work (and only 2 stops to work, as it’s the express). Finally on the last stop before my work, enough students piled off the bus, I got a seat and took off my jacket. [/end complain complain complain]

I should have edited out my red–eye but when I did it looked like I had monstrous brown/green eyes that looked really badly edited. So I didn’t bother. lol Instead, I cropped out the shredder and the kitchen. I should really iron those pants.

Earrings: Aerie (I rarely change out my earrings)
Scarf: $20 available now at Abercrombie
Cardigan: J. Crew (So in with this cardy)
White Tee: Long sleeved basic tee from Abercrombie (Winter 2008)
Pants: GAP (A nice subtle khaki and beige stripe)
Shoes: The giraffe patterned ones!

Later gaters.

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