This girl needs to shop

I don’t mind purchasing something expensive that I know will last me a long time. For example, I’m eying these Coach shoes. I’m in desperate need for a nice pair of  black flats. The ones that I got for $24 at Reitmans just aren’t cutting it. In fact, they’re falling apart at the soles and I just keep wearing them. Gross right? Too bad. I need a pair of plain black ones because sometimes my outfit speaks for itself and I don’t need to have something clashing against them like my black and white zebra shoes.


I’m surprised they’re not more expensive, considering the brand name. I mean heck, I’ve paid more for other brands of shoes! Plus, I’m surprised I’m even considering these shoes. I usually dislike buying things that so many other people have already — like those monogrammed bags and wristlets of theirs, but for $118 I’ll think about it for a little while, seeing as they just opened a new Coach store in one of the malls here. Nice.

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All about the past

ootd-sept29Yesterday I wore this outfit since on Monday I was literally freezing my bum off in the office. I’m not used to a really open modern office concept. I was so cold I kept having to tissue off my nose. Sorry if that’s TMI, but it’s true! Look how bundled up I was. In the A.M. the bus is always so packed I’m standing and unwillingly close to someone’s dandruffy scalp that I can smell it. Not pleasant. I ended up mistakenly wearing my rain jacket on the bus — you can’t breath in those. Thankfully the bus really does only take 11 minutes to get to work (and only 2 stops to work, as it’s the express). Finally on the last stop before my work, enough students piled off the bus, I got a seat and took off my jacket. [/end complain complain complain]

I should have edited out my red–eye but when I did it looked like I had monstrous brown/green eyes that looked really badly edited. So I didn’t bother. lol Instead, I cropped out the shredder and the kitchen. I should really iron those pants.

Earrings: Aerie (I rarely change out my earrings)
Scarf: $20 available now at Abercrombie
Cardigan: J. Crew (So in with this cardy)
White Tee: Long sleeved basic tee from Abercrombie (Winter 2008)
Pants: GAP (A nice subtle khaki and beige stripe)
Shoes: The giraffe patterned ones!

Later gaters.

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These are a few of my … favorite things!

outfit-sept-24Outfit of the day — September 24, 2009

Top: Dynamite ($30.90)
Sweater: JCrew ($$$!)
Necklace: Forever 21 ($4.80)
Navy striped pants: Jacob (Price unknown, bought it in the summer)

I think I pulled this together pretty nicely. It makes me laugh a bit because I was sized up by both males and females wearing this today. I sported it with my yellow leather Nine West purse and brown penny loafer type leather Nine West flats.

After work (on September 23) I needed to go to the grocery store. Since it’s in a little strip mall, I decided to head into one of the shoe stores and look for a pair of black flats. Didn’t get any flats, but I certainly got some crazy deals on wallets + coin purses!! The smaller coin purse was originally $25 and I got it for $7.50, then the wallet type thing was originally $48 marked down to $12.00 OMFG. Photos below.


I didn’t stop there either. The other night I went shopping and got some cute tops for work.

topsLeft: Reitmans for $40
Right: Costa Blanca $22.50

Both of these tops are see-through and would need a black cami underneath.

black-topCloseup of the black top. (Photo is poor quality!).

I think I need a few more pairs of pants for the fall/winter, and maybe some black flats. I had a pair from Reitmans that were just $24 and just exactly what I paid for. Cheap. I wore them a handful of times and got caught in a rainstorm and ended up walking in calf deep puddles. So, they’re ruined. On the hunt I go!

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