An OOTD collaboration

Collaboration of my Outfits of the Days.

On a regular work week, this is what I’ve been wearing. You can click each image to enlarge to see where each piece is from. Exciting, I know. Brace yourselves — I’m a frugal one … not a lot of designer pieces here. I should totally include my purses and stuff too hey? I dunno. I only have two purses though. Whatevs.


goof Here you can see a genuine smile of mine. My boyfriend was making fun of me taking a photo every day and he was almost behind me in this shot, plus the flash didn’t go off for some reason. So —  Bloopers are always fun. Right? Anyway this is probably not interesting for you readers (or is it?), but I like to try and wear a lot of things that I have in my closet, especially since I’ve usually been saving my tops for weekend wear because I didn’t know what to pair them up with so it wouldn’t look as casual. Maybe it didn’t work. I’m new at this! :)

Plus is saves me from wearing out my favorite pieces, like the J Crew cardigan. I’d totally wear that every day if I could. But that’s just weird, so I don’t. Next week, I need to incorporate more color into my wardrobe. Holy moses.

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  1. All outfits are great. I specially liked the 5th one. I love the contrast of the purple/white striped shirt and the top / sweater. And the pants do look great It’s one look i try to copy to wear at work, since i have a dark blue sweater.

    Same can be said of the 2nd outfit. The top is gorgeous, the sweater is cute and the necklace completes it nicely. And the 3rd one, just looks cool. I better start looking at Zara more often since that cardigan is very nice. The pants look great as well.

  2. i love all of your outfits but my favourite would have the be #2 – the green is great on you! and that white top w/ the ruffles – love it! i almost bought it a few months ago too, haha. <3 ruffles.

    way to go on the new button sew-job! they look better – i'm not a fan of the green hearts either.

    p.s. i like the picture of your genuine smile best. :) you're so pretty!

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