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Brightening-BlushI mentioned in yesterdays post I’d show you what the Bobbi Brown Brightening Blush in the shade Pink Truffle would look like on. It’s equally pretty as both a blush (which is what I did in this look), or as a bronzer. It’s totally universal and can be worn year round for a warm fresh glow to the skin. It’s something I would’ve looked past at the store, not sure how to wear it. But I love how it looks on my cheeks! You can use the three shades as a blush and/or highlighter to brighten, depending on the look you want to go for. The shade on the left is a sheer natural looking blush with a soft sheen finish. I swirled my blush brush around the entire compact and popped it onto the apples of my cheeks. Although looking a bit glittery in the pan, it doesn’t look that way on the cheeks, especially once its all blended in together.

motdI’ve been fairly consistent using the Burberry Cashmere foundation since I got it back in October (see my first post about it here). So I thought I’d do another look featuring the foundation I love and enjoy so much, but with a bit more variety.


Burberry Cashmere Soft Matte Foundation in the shade Honey
Bobbi Brown Brightening Blush in the shade Pink Truffle
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light


Bobbi Brown Extra Eye repair cream
Burberry Cat Lashes mascara in Jet black
Dior Diorshow Brow Styler in Universal Brown


Burberry Kisses Lipstick in Tulip Pink
Burberry Kisses Gloss in City Pink

Disclaimer: I know people aren’t huge fans of them… but I wanted to tell you! The links above are affiliate links. I’m new to affiliate links and I earn $0.05 a click, so friends definitely don’t be afraid to click on them. I made a whopping $2.00 so far. Lol.

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Bobbi Brown | Holiday 2016

Bobbi-Brown-Holiday-2016There’s nothing more exciting than working with one of your ultimate favourite skincare (or beauty) brands that you’ve been using, buying, and trying for YEARS on end. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy working with all the brands I show you. It’s just THAT more exciting when I’m working with the ultimate-fave’s. Ya know?

Bobbi Brown, oh golly. I’ve been using her extra eye repair cream (eye cream) for years. I don’t even remember when I started using it, it’s been that long ago. Well before we made the move to California, and that was 3 years ago. I remember when living 45 minutes away from Toronto, and going to Holt Renfrew, picking up the Bobbi Brown products and getting it wrapped up in that white and grey striped packaging, and pink bag from Holts. It was a luxurious experience, and I felt so smart walking around with my purchase around the big city of Toronto. It’s one of the products that will remain in my Sephora cart at all times.

Working with them in 2016 to review more beauty products has been an absolutely pleasure. It’s been difficult to get my foot in the door to work with them which makes me that more thankful that I’m working with the brand.

Bobbi Brown Holiday 2016 collection is based around wine and chocolate. Many peoples favourite pairings, I understand! I have two of the pieces from this particular collection that I’ve been leaving in my makeup bag the past two weeks and using on a daily basis. Powders, at that! And you know it must be good, if I’m using a powdered product, right?

Inspired by Bobbi Brown’s two favourite indulgences: wine and chocolate, the collection consists of blushes and eyeshadow palettes all ranging from deep colours to soft natural shades all in gorgeous gold packaging.

Brightening-BlushBrightening Blush • Pink Truffle| $50. A lit-from-within glow this is a limited edition brightening blush that comes in two shades. It has subtle shimmer but nothing too unwearable. In fact, I thought this was going to go on a bit bronzier but it was really a fantastic blush shade for my skintone. It looks fantastic on, if I do say so.

French-Pink-blushGlow to Go Blush & Illuminate| $36. This set contains the French Pink blush along with the Platinum Sparkle Illuminator, it certainly adds that sparkle if you want to apply it onto your cheekbones to make an impression at a Holiday party! Oooh, imagine it at New Years, how fun would that be?!

French-Pink-swatchBobbi Brown Pink blush swatched on the back of my hand. Luckily this powder blush is on the sheer side, which is excellent in my mind because sometimes I tend to go a wee-bit overboard with the blush. Though, you can build them up moderately!


Sparkle-Illuminator-swatchDefinitely adds that New Years Eve sparkle to the skin, doesn’t it? Perfect for this time of year, and if we’re being honest I think I’d take this out and only use it at Christmas/New Years.

Bobbi-Brown-French-Pink-bluMy complete makeup look, using Bobbi Brown Glow to Go Blush & Illuminate on my cheeks. What do you think? :)

Hey! Come back tomorrow to see Bobbi Brown’s Brightening Blush in Pink Truffle on my face for a Makeup Of The Day look!

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Wardrobe Wishlist: Top 10 items

For the most part I’m wearing jeans and a simple tee on an everyday basis. I don’t mind it. That’s my signature style. Slide into a pair of slip-on shoes and a casual bag and you’ve got yourself a spiffykerms smilin’ right back atcha.

Today I’m bringing back something a little different to the ol’ blog here. A wardrobe wishlist. Ages ago I used to make wishlists to post on the blog, when I window-shopped online. Anyone remember that? Is this something you’d like me to continue?

Wardrobe-Wishlist(click to enlarge image)

1. Anthropologie · Eira Sweater Dress| $128. Speaking of Anthropologie, and dresses, if I were still working in a corporate office, I’d buy this right up. Imagine it with either black…oooh, or red stockings and some booties. Instantly chic.

2. Tahari ASL · Fit-and-Flare Crepe Dress| $138. I need some fancy-pants dresses for Christmas parties! Besides wearing neutrals I think my favourite bright, is a nice true red colour. I think I own a max of three dresses in my closet and one of those includes my wedding dress. The other two? One is a blue summery dress from Anthropologie 2 years ago for our wedding reception, and the other is an olive green cotton maxi that I don’t feel comfortable in anymore. Oops.

3. Blank NYC  · Morning Suede Moto Jacket| $188. Suede! I love it! I have a much more inexpensive version of this made from faux-suede and it’s a flimsier (and pink) blazer that I get complimented all the time on. I want this so bad, it’s gorgeous. Imagine it paired with a huge chunky scarf (that I’ll never have to wear because I’m in California, ha!).

4.  Tahari ASL · Fringed-And-Beaded Bouclé Jacket| $149. Baby pinks and light greys, okay and neutrals in general are my favourite colours to wear. I have a blazer similar to this that I picked up a few years ago that I really love and wear often to fancier blog events.

5. Tahari ASL ·Peak-Lapel Velvet Blazer| $129. I’m all about textures and layering come the colder months. And nothing else shouts warm, yet sleek like a structured velvet blazer. I used to have one and wore it all the time when I worked my day-job, but I gave it away once I moved to the USA— yes I regret it.

6. ZARA · Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans| $69. Many people question where I buy my jeans, and lately I’ve been buying them from Zara. I love the style of them, they make my toosh look good, and they fit perfectly. Plus, I love how they distress them. So, that my friends is where I pick them up. Normally I’d go for something like the one’s shown in the photo above, but with a darker denim since I find they fade quickly.

7. Saint Laurent  · Classic Saint Laurent zip case with front card slots| $295. Everyone has been on this minimalist journey for what seems like all of 2016, but I can’t help but lust after this simplistic card holder. What more do you really need when you head out the door? Slip your phone into your back jeans pocket, grab your shades and car keys and head on out. For sure you could definitely find something more affordable, and I’ll never buy this for myself but that’s the point of online window-shopping. I’m not going to buy it. I’ll simply lust after it, ha!

8. Anthropologie · Sequin Cowl Poncho| $98. Raise your hand if you’re a fan of wearing white on white on the winter. I know I’m not afraid to, and with my dark hair and a red shellac nail polish going on? Ugh, yes. I can just picture it!

9. Urban Outfitters · BDG Polly Flannel| $39. This is finally on sale! I blogged about it a few months ago, saying it was too expensive for my price range, especially for a flannel. But I love the colours in this one, and it looks excellent paired with white denim.

10. CASLON® · Long Shark Bite Hem Sweater| $69. No surprise I’m a fan of sweaters and tons of texture in the colder months. I like to stick to the basics, but dress it up a little bit. Love that the model is wearing the sweater with a beanie and simple denim.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Tahari ASL.

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