Spiffykerms Style Easter Edition

Awww it’s our first Easter weekend as a married couple. I can hear you hurling up your chocolate eggs now. Don’t worry, I’m not the mushy type of person anyway. Today I’m talking about the outfits I’ve been wearing and posting on Instagram. It’s also shared on twitter if you search the hashtag #SpiffykermsStyle.

Again, our kitchen floor débuts and the outfits are positioned just so. Still wanted to keep the OOTD (outfit of the day) posts still going. And this is what we’re workin’ with here, people!

I’m eyeing this shirt from NorCal CrossFit. I visited one of their locations and got a tour from the merch guy. I’m 99% sure I’ll be signing up, and when I do I’m going to buy this sweet tank. Scott said “You don’t like caffeine!” Huh? Dude. I love tea, root beer, pepsi, coke and iced coffees. Whatchu talkin’ bout.

Have a great Easter weekend! Are you cooking something special? I’m thinking of making ham and scalloped potatoes for us.

What are you wearing today?

Do you prefer to wear flats or heels?

Is this something you’d like to see regularly on the blog? Or would you like me to keep it to Instagram only?


Hand Creams I’m Currently Using

I love hand creams. Wait, I should rephrase that. I need to love hand creams because throughout my entire life, I’ve had cold, scaly dry man-hands. I’ve been called lizard hands by someone in the past. I can see why they said that. Painted a pretty picture for you, didn’t I?

I always have hand creams in various places of our home, my car, and my purse. Needless to say, I don’t always apply it. I really should.

Here are a few not necessarily top picks that I’ve been using since moving to California, where my hands are still going to continue being dry. That’s okay. I’ve learned to live with it, no matter how far away, or close I am, to an ocean.

4 hand creams I’m currently using



This hand cream is pretty great when and is the most reached-for cream on this list. I’ve purchased more than a handful of tubes of these creams. It’s the most lightweight feeling of the four shown above. I’ll definitely keep buying this. $19CDN // $15USD at Sephora.

Bobbi Brown Extra

A little luxury to my collection, I’ve recently added this one to my assortment of hand creams. The Bobbi Brown counter at Macy’s lured me in. Had no idea Bobbi made hand cream. I tried it out, loved the way it made my hands feel. Then left without purchasing. Thinking about it constantly the next few days, I popped into Sephora to see if they sold any, which they didn’t. A few days later I headed back to Macy’s and asked for it. Luckily they had some in stock. It flies off the shelves, apparently. I don’t really know why. It’s $31. It’s expensive. It just seems like a regular hand cream, just in some fancy name brand packaging. It’s nice though. I’d repurchase it. However, I’m going to use this sparingly because it was so costly. I want to enjoy it. Would I recommend it? Only if you’re a hand-cream addict like myself. $31USD at Macys.

 World Market Hand Cream

Ok. I have no idea who makes this since there’s a bunch of names spewed all over the packaging. I bought it at World Market, thus the title. It feels, not greasy but quite silky once applied. After a few minutes, it evaporates and keeps my hands from feeling dehydrated and gives it a healthy look. Comes in a variety of scents, but I love anything citrus so the Grapefruit & Tangerine went in my shopping basket immediately after I smelled it. $4.99USD at World Market.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

I’m not the biggest fan of the scent with this product. But it’s bearable. I’ve heard a lot of great things with this brand healing eczema prone skin, and I received a sample of this a long time ago. I only just found it in my hand-cream stash so I thought I’d keep it around to try it out. Not sure I’ll purchase it in full-size when I like other hand creams better. $15CDN // $12USD at Sephora.

Honourable mentions

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula

As much as I still dislike to admit it, Mothers are always right. The top pick I recommend to anyone who wants a non-greasy formula, that is incredibly powerful and keeps your hands moisturized after many hand-washes, is still Neutrogena Norwegian Formula. It’s like a thick ointment-like consistency and is scent-free. It’s just so hard to rub in, especially when your hands are really dry or chapped. A lot of my climbing friends back in Newfoundland still use this product. I haven’t looked for it here in the USA yet, but I presume it’s readily available at any drug store. Read more about my rave reviews on it from 2012. $7.99CDN on Well.ca // $5.29USD at ULTA.

Ahava hand cream

I never thought I’d be able to find it again. It was whisked off the shelves in Ontario, Canada. I went through 3 or 4 tubes of this. Hands down, my #1 splurge for a hand cream. It has the most spa-like smelling hand cream I’ve ever tried. When I had an office and I applied it, my old co-workers walked down the hallway, asking who sprayed on perfume, or who smelled so good. It was always my hand cream. Not one person who tried it, didn’t like it. I bought it for my boss before I left work to head down to the states here. I was surprised to find it at ULTA. For the Canadians who’d like to try it, you can get it for  $22CDN on Well.ca // $21USD at ULTA.

Everything was purchased by me.

What are your favourite hand creams?

What I carry in my clutch

I don’t always use a clutch, but when I do I use it because I’m annoyed with having to carry around a purse on my shoulder. I want the ease of just carrying something around on my wrist instead of my shoulder, I bring this clutch that I bought online back in 2006 from Banana Republic. I think it worked out well in my favour, since I’ve been using it for 8 years and it still looks pretty great.  must-haves-for-my-clutch

So here is what I bring in my clutch, when I use one.


1. Clutch from Banana Republic // 2. My cell, a BlackBerry Z10 // 3. Cash // 4. ID & Credit Card // 5. Lip balm (the only Prada item I can afford!) // 6. Tampon, hey you never know // 7. Hair tie // 8. Spiffykerms buttons, gotta keep them ready for networking! // 9. Band-aid for those uncomfortable shoes or in case you fall and scrape your knee // 10. Mini bobbi pins (I only use these) // 11. One-time use floss // 12. My keys, in case I ever want to get into my house again // 13. A small pack of gum


Because everyone is different—I polled Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to ask what YOUR must-haves when you carry a clutch. Here’s what you said:

  • Lip gloss. Money. Debt card. License. Phone. @ShesNoAlice
  • Debit card or cash, license, medical cards, phone, lipstick if I’m wearing it that day, hair ties. @Cinda
  • Chapstick, specifically Burt’s bees @mkopp1
  • Gum, wallet, a pen, random lip products..wipes, diapers (yeah, I’m a mom… :P) @KayleeBob
  • Candy corn and a toothpick. Julie R.
  • Credit card/money. ID. Lipgloss. @Nicolah
  • Wallet, red lipstick, cell, mints, keys. @TeamWiking
  • Debit card , license, phone, chapstick, and I unbuckle the handle and put my keys on that. It’s a fossil clutch & I love it! @jennagarza


MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Pressed Powder

I have never been a fan of setting powders, especially ones that were white. For instance, I always steered clear of the MAKE UP FOR EVER microfinish powder because I just found it a little messy since it was loose. I’m clumsy. I foresaw myself dropping it on the floor in the mornings, even if there was little holes jabbed into the top to prevent that from happening. That, and I felt that it always gave me a bit of a chalky finish under certain lighting. Jeeze, this doesn’t sound like a very good way to start a review, does it?

Always being honest. You guys know how much I like to be transparent and blunt with you. If I ever used a setting powder, it was Laura Mercier’s mineral pressed powder in a nice yellow tone.

When I had my consult at the MAKE UP FOR EVER Boutique in Valley Fair Mall, I mentioned my concerns to Tobey the make up artist. Low and behold I have been using the product incorrectly the entire time. Gah!


MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Pressed Powder

Either way, I’m sticking to my guns. I’m not going to purchase a loose powdered product, I prefer the solid products in a compact pan. MAKE UP FOR EVER has reinvented their finishing translucent powder and came out with the HD pressed powder. A nice little additive to the new product is that it contains hyaluronic acid. It’s a skin care ingredient that keeps your face hydrated and of course keeps your face from looking dry or patchy.


How to use MAKE UP FOR EVER HD pressed powder

When Tobey used the high definition pressed powder on my face to finish my make up look, I felt like my skin was flawless. I thought it was because she’s the make up artist and could make anyone look good. But I tried it at home, and I can make myself look pretty darn fancy too, if I took the time to apply it correctly. You can’t just swirl the brush around in the product and apply directly to the face. Swirl the brush into the product lightly, then smoosh the bristles either into the back of your hand or the mirror in the compact. Once you see barely any powder residue on the brush, then apply to your face ever so lightly. You don’t need much. I use this little kabuki brush shown above.

Why you should use a setting powder

Using a product like the MAKE UP FOR EVER high definition pressed powder sets your foundation and prevents it from wearing and sliding off your face in an hour or two. The powder gives you a flawless finish. Tobey applied the product on one side of my face and not the other so I could truly see a difference. I’m not easily wow’ed by a product, but this combined with their Face and Body foundation definitely took me back. I’m sold. She also applied it to my under eye concealer, and I’m not normally a fan of this since powders like to creep into the fine lines, but it didn’t — in fact on the side that didn’t have it was sliding off.

How it looks on camera

MUFE-HD-powder-full-faceHere I am, taking a selfie with and without the flash to prove that you this powder doesn’t produce a white cast to your skin on camera.

MUFE-HD-powder-half-faceThen an extreme close up of my face. On the (your) left I applied the HD pressed powder. On the right, bare bones. You can see that the HD powder does look a little more flawless on the skin, right?

While I probably won’t wear this every day since it’s an added step into my already very simple beauty routine, I’ll be wearing it if I know I want my make up to last longer than a few hours.

Find MAKE UP FOR EVER HD pressed powder for $26 USD / $41 CDN at Sephora or MAKE UP FOR EVER boutiques.

Disclaimer, I received the HD pressed powder from MAKE UP FOR EVER. Opinions are my own.