Refreshing our living space

It seems as though 2021 has been a year to upgrade our home finally. From our backyard oasis, and now we’re currently working on a living room refresh. With two small children at home, and no playroom except for our living room, it’s a bit cramped in here with kids toys, a playpen, and our tv + tv stand.

I’m not going to show you the whole space completely finished for a few more weeks yet, but for now I’m thinking that we’re going to add some framed artwork on the wall along with moving some furniture around to work better for us.

Ideally I’d love to have a designated space for the boys toys, and a focal point to the room instead of what it feels like now: a mish-mash of random stuff. 

I’m torn between two ideas: one being two art prints on either side of the TV, or having framed photos our boys in almost a gallery-wall style up on the wall. 

So! If you’re interested in the reveal, come back in a few weeks (mid-September) and I’ll reveal it all to you guys.

Here are some options I’ll be incorporating to the reveal!


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