Why you should implement Honey into your Beauty Routine

Pure Vitality by KiehlsEveryone wants their skin to flourish and look radiant, right? That’s when Kiehl’s new cream comes into play.

Kiehl’s recently launched a Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream, and I gotta say, it’s the bee’s knees (c’mon, I had to). It has a mix of manuka honey and red ginseng root. Two ingredients never combined before in skincare, which both help encourage cell turnover (new skin here we come). Something you want in a skincare product to keep looking young! Implementing honey into your beauty routine will benefit you as it has antibacterial and moisturizing properties. However, that doesn’t mean you should reach for your honey pot in the kitchen cabinet. Obviously there’s different types of honey and it does matter which type you use on your skin; raw and unfiltered, mainly. Manuka is your best bet as I stated above, it contains the most antibacterial properties. Since the weather has decided to be confusing around this time of year, undecided whether or not to be chilly winter, or warm spring, makes your skin confused. Give it a bit of love, and use a product that is probably the most beneficial for your skin — a two-in-one. One that is super moisturizing, and also adds skincare benefits (like those cell turnover benefits we talked about above, hey… hey?).

We can’t stop the aging process, so without focusing on that, why not try and make your skin look as healthy as it possibly can?

In fact, if you have any skin troubles like eczema or acne, honey heals them, as well as minor wounds.

Kiehl’s Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream is a thicker cream which absorbed quickly into my skin without leaving a residue or sticky feeling — a little goes a long way which is great because it’s a bit pricey. It felt like a hydrating moisturizer, allowing my skin to look radiant and healthy. I need to combat my dry skin due to the winter months, so I’m always reaching for hydrating products. This sweet little honey pot has earned its spot in my beauty cabinet this winter!

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