Trying James Read H20 Tan Mist

James Read has a wealth of a-list celebs he’s worked on in the past, and with over 12 years of airbrush tan experience, it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about a self tanner. You might’ve seen his products available at Sephora. So I was pretty stoked when the PR company reached out to me. Maybe they knew I keep up a weekly self-tan? Spose.

While I’m genuinely a little nervous about a tanner that goes on without a colour-guide (this one is clear!), I thought I’d give’er a go and see what it was all about especially since it claims it has a gradual tan. Now that, I can do. It’s basically fool-proof when it’s gradual. Something I can definitely work with. I use it daily to build an even glow, or you can also apply every 2-3 days to boost an existing tan. Just wish it had a even a bit of a colour-guard to it even if it’s gradual.

James-Read-Gradual-TanLuckily for me, the mist is super fine (and doesn’t blurt out a huge stream like some other products do), and since it’s such a fine mist it dries pretty quickly – but be sure not to rub it in! At least, I never have while using it. You wouldn’t want your palms getting tanned, even if it’s a gradual tan.

Who I’d recommend this to:

  • Someone who is new to tanning, and doesn’t want a ton of colour, or wants to control the days that they’re darker than others.
  • People who are already tanned or self-tanned and want an addtiiaonl glow to the skin without re-self-tanning. Omg does that make sense?

Who I wouldn’t recommend this to:

  • Someone who wants instant colour. James Read has other products for that (or other brands too, of course).

James-Read-h20So, keep on spraying, day in and out until you achieve your desired glow!

Size: 100ml $31.00 Sold at Space.nk

Disclaimer: James Read H20 Tan Mist was sent for review. 

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