Dior Glowing Gardens: Spring 2016

Diot Glowing GardensToday is day three of five, where I’m speaking about ALL DIOR BEAUTY. How fun is that? I mean, overly fun if you’re into Dior. Maybe not super fun if you’re not into Dior. Know what I mean?

Yesterday, I spent the entire day (6 hours!) cleaning out and decluttering our bedroom. Mainly my items, because I didn’t realize how long it had been since I went through my workout clothes, my regular clothes, my underwear, my socks! So much stuff. I won’t tell you how many bags I ended up donating. But, let’s just say by the time I was done lugging stuff down to my car, my face got a little sweaty. There’s two flights of stairs from our bedroom to my car!

The Dior Spring collection: Glowing Gardens, has been out for quite a while, more than a few weeks. And if you’re ontop of the game, this is probably old news to you, and I apologize for that. But like I mentioned, I received a California parcel in the mail from Dior, while I was back home in Newfoundland. I can still talk about how awesome it is, and how some of the items confuse me, though, right?

Let’s get on with the easy stuff first. Like this robins egg blue nail polish. It’s Dior’s bleuette in 301. Just like any other Dior polish, applies like a dream and incredibly opaque in two coats. Top it off with the Dior Gel, and you’ve got your mani lasting all week long.

Dior Bluette nail polish

Secondly, just to get it over with. I’m not entirely sure how the Lip Glow liner is supposed to work, or what specifically it’s supposed to do. I already own a couple of the Dior Lip Glow balms, which work naturally with your lips chemistry and changes to a different colour, depending on your lip shade. This is a smaller lip liner version of this. So I suppose it’d look nice if you wanted to apply only to the lip line area, and apply gloss over top! How would you wear it? Help me out here. Bluette-and-lipliner

The palette I know my friend Bobbi, in Newfoundland would love. She mentioned to me over Christmas that she was excited for this Dior collection to come out because of the green in the palette. It’s a great selection of nudes with an easy to wear grassy green (how appropriate, considering the collection is called Glowing Gardens). You guys know I love me some neturals, though. Glowing Gardens Palette

The Glowing Gardens eyeshadow palette colours swatched on my pale arm. What colour stands out to you? I love the middle colour (which is the highlight in the middle of the palette with the CD logo embossed), and the fourth colour which is the lighter brown/nude shade. Dior eyeshadow swatches

And finally, the show stopper of the entire collection in my opinion is the Dior illuminating powder. Dior illuminating powder

I mean, look at that swatch. It’s perfect, it’s gorgeous, and it’s incredibly pigmented with the perfect amount of glow and shimmer. I love applying this lightly to my cheekbones, and a tiny bit near my tear-duct area to make it look like I have somewhat angelic eyes, haha! Dior illuminating powder swatch

What do you guys think of the Glowing Gardens collection so far? I didn’t showcase everything (these are the items I was sent). I LOVE a bunch of the nail polishes from this collection, I want to run to Macy’s and pick them up!

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