OOTD: Airplane Attire

SuperDry-hoodieI have a little secret I’ve been keeping from you. Mainly because I wasn’t sure it was going to work out entirely. I mean, I didn’t want to jinx it all on myself. Tomorrow, I am flying out to Palm Springs (I had to google it too, it’s east of Los Angeles, still in California) for a Lexus trip. I don’t know the full details yet, but I will be there for two days. But I have to say I am pretty stoked, and have a bit of nervousness going on all at the same time.

So I thought today as I’m packing, I would do an airplane attire outfit of the day aka what I’m wearing for tomorrow’s flight!

  • Cozy orange label hoodie courtesy of Superdry
  • Comfortable black leggings from MPG
  • Broken in sneakers from Target (they’ve got so much use/love this summer)


I’ll only be gone a few days, so I already have my Delsey carry-on suitcase packed along with a pack (it’s the Super Marl Montana Rucksack)  for under the seat and easy access. Dude. I’m going to be stylin’ if I do say so. I picked out a top to wear underneath my Superdry hoodie. This Hello LA top is from Forever21! So far so good. Now I just need to pack my electronics and cords and I’m set. I’m using the Superdry Pencil case to cart my makeup bag too.


SuperDryHoodieNot sure how Alfie feels about me going just yet. He gets a little anxious when he sees the suitcases come out from storage. Not to worry little friend, I will be back before the weekend arrives so we can go on many adventures together.

Follow me on social media all weekend as I will be posting on Instagram, twitter and hopefully filming YouTube videos if I don’t get too nervous.

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