Thinking Out Loud Thursday #9

Similar to yesterday’s post because I find these are the easiest to write out (a whole lotta mumbo jumbo in my head that needs to be written out), before I get into all the things I need to write about, update you on, and so on.

Thinking Out Loud Thursdays are one of my favourite types of posts to do. I really need to do them much more often, because they’re not all that frequent around these parts, are they.

Does anyone hold onto gift cards as long as I do to make sure they make the best purchase they can with the card? For me, I have about 3 gift cards waiting to be used in my wallet right now. I could be silly and splurge on the things I’ve been eyeing, but when it comes to the gift cards I feel like I should get smarter pieces. For instance, I have a Crate & Barrel gift card that I’ve had since December. So much on my want-list, but I should really but what’s on my need-list, ya know? Oh practicality.

Ghirardelli Sq icecreamNot excited at all for my Ghirardelli Square ice cream.

My computer is too slow for my clickin’ and movin’ the mouse around. My husband and I bought parts for it not too long ago and built it from scratch. But the darn thing is some friggen slow. I don’t even want to tell you how long it takes me to write / edit pictures for a blog post these days. It’s painfully slow, so much so I leave the computer for hours and do the rest of my daily routine. Technically my computer is fast, but I’m not sure what the heck I do to it to make it slow down so much. Oh I want to swear on it.

Sephora Santana RowSephora is opening up at Santana Row! I’m excited. Though I’m not sure why it’s opening there since the mall across the street but I’m not complaining. I go to Santana Row way more often than I step into the maze of a mall.

Green shoesShould’a bought these shoes at the outlets. Regretting that decision.

Today I’m going to head out around the town and collect all of my birthday goodies that I didn’t get a chance to do a few weeks ago. Anyone else do that? You know, the Sephora yearly birthday gift, Ulta gave me a coupon for something too, and I want to head to World Market and use up my free $10 coupon on a really nice candle.

Speaking of birthday gifts. Starbucks didn’t send out a free drink coupon to me this year, or last. Yet I received my gold starbucks card in the mail here in california so I definitely have my address up to date on their files. Sigh. First world problems, am I right? It’s okay, McDonald’s iced coffees are way better. But man I wanted a super huge gigantor smoothie drink from them this year.

What’s App voice messages are my favourite way to communicate with my buddy Megan now that she moved all the way back to Toronto. 5 minute voice recordings? Typical. :)

That’s all I have today. What are some random things going through your mind today?!

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  1. First of all that photo of you with the ice cream is the absolute best! LOL, You always seem to be having such a good time which I’m so glad to see!
    I hate slow computers. I tend to always get slow computers even from the get go, I don’t know why – I don’t build them, but buy them that way and it drives me nuts. Luckily I did a HP Canada campaign and got to keep the quickest, most amazing computer so now I can’t complain! I don’t keep gift cards. LOL. I usually spend them right away in fear of losing them because lately I feel like I’m loosing my mind. I can’t remember anything, I forget things I did 10 minutes ago, and yesterday? forget it!

    PS: I like these posts too, how fun!

  2. Slow drivers and slow computers — both top my list of biggest pet peeves. Mine started acting up yesterday because I think it was getting too hot (??), and it literally drove me up the wall. And we’re not even going to get in to the bad drivers around these parts. Just… no.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted... thinking out loud #131 .My Profile

  3. Free birthday drinks from Starbucks…that sounds fun (as long as they arrive). I always love just shopping around and not really doing much for my birthday. And be sure to use that Crate and Barrel gift card…I absolutely love everything they have…and they withstand my crazy little boys!
    Amanda recently posted..Janie and Jack Playground StyleMy Profile

  4. I wish I could say that I held onto my gift cards like you do, but I’m too much of an impulse buyer. If I’m walking through the store and I see a book or movie that I want, it suddenly becomes my most important need. I think I have a serious instant gratification problem. It would be great if you could share some of your self-control, lol.
    Travis recently posted..Five Ways to Save Money on BooksMy Profile

  5. You are not the only one that goes around getting all of the free birthday stuff! I spent a whole day back in April collecting my freebies from Sephora and the like. I’m sorry that Starbucks didn’t send you your free drink though. I was able to get mine, but I never got close enough to a Starbucks to use it in time. I agree: First world problems, lol
    Cassie recently posted..How Does Birchbox WorkMy Profile

  6. Fun post! So Starbucks didn’t send you your birthday coupon, huh? Better call them on it! They might even give you an extra one to compensate! So you don’t like the boat shoes? I think they look cute on you.
    By the way, where’s Alfie during your outing? :)

  7. We must be doing something to our poor computers. Mine sounds just like yours, fast but slow lol. Those shoes are awesome by the way. I would love to see how they look in different colors, maybe something bright and sassy would work!

  8. The random things on my mind are all the random phone calls I av to make (and procrastinated and then forgot to do), the mail I still have to sort, and what show to watch on Hulu. Getting things organized after vacation takes awhile.
    I guess we make time for what we want to do each day. At least I did some Zumba with the kids!

  9. Ah, happy belated birthday!!! :D I love getting the gift cards and offers that you mentioned~ I’m not sure about Starbucks, but I wonder if they might automatically give a birthday free drink credit to your card (if you entered your birthday when registering). They used to do emails before, but I think they switched to just card updates now.

    I’m like you as well.. hoarding gift cards until the ‘right’ item comes up. It’s like it doesn’t deserve to be ‘wasted’ on browsing, but that it should fulfill a higher purpose.. :) Good luck finding something great at Crate & Barrel!

    lauriel of
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