POM Friday . 11

I’m quite impressed with Alfie’s athletic abilities.

Last weekend was so warm outside, we decided to go for a run in our summer gear. A six kilometre run. We brought Alfie with us. I think it’s safe to say he (yes, the dog) is in much better shape than I am! I had his leash wrapped around my hand a couple of times in case he decided he wanted to run in front of me and trip me up, so it worked out pretty well. The three of us went on a slow run, but a run none the less. I couldn’t believe at how well he held up, especially since he has little pinner legs. And you know what? He was rearin’ to keep going long after we got home. He wasn’t pooped out one bit. That’s what I call impressive. I was so proud of him!

We like to take Alfie on a two hour walk together on the weekends, so while we were doing that last weekend, the Guy wanted to pop into a store to check out some sales on games. Alfie dislikes it when The Guy and I separate for any length of time, and especially if he is missing out on anything, so I couldn’t help but laugh at him being in panic mode waiting for the guy to come out of the stores. Naturally, I documented it.

Enjoy pom friday, especially the one where he’s mid-bark. Ha!tinyPomFri




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  1. Alfie is so cute! I have a boxer and a chug. She’s part pug part chihuahua and she’s my little baby. The boxer is 9 and the chug is 2. She is such a funny little thing with a very unique personality. I know she loves her older sister, but I think she has more fun with Ziggy, her brother the cat.

  2. What a cute dog. He looks quite happy to be outside on a jaunt with you. By the way, what is Pom Friday? :-)

  3. 6km run is something I can also do monthly. :) I’m beginning to build up endurance and strength in the gym for upcoming runs this year. It’s okay if we start slow. The important thing is that we finish what we started.

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