Getting a bad fright

Alfie-and-The-GuyMy stomach is in knots even thinking about this, this morning. My husband and I got a pretty good fright last night as he was biking home from work. As a cyclist you are often unseen or ignored from traffic. Two streets down from us, he was nearly home, going through his green light on a bike with the traffic next to him. Someone blew through the red and luckily for him, there was no accident and there was a car riding along side of him. Had it happened a millisecond before, he would’ve been unimaginatively injured. It made me so upset. I have tried not too think too much about the “What If’s” and count my lucky stars that I still have my husband here with me. Understandably so, he was incredibly shaken up when he got home, and I cannot even fathom the wreck that could have happened, and me know nothing about it even if it was two streets up.

People need to stop driving and texting, or looking down at their cell phones. I do not understand why this isn’t ticketed more often. It makes me so irate that so many terrible things have to happen to loved ones in order for law enforcement to take things more seriously.

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