Top 5 Moisturizers to wear in your 30’s

Top-5-MoisturizersI think it goes without saying that these are my personal 5 moisturizer picks that works for my type of skin tone, which is a bit dry and dehydrated. Those with oily, combination or normal skin would preferably seek out different types of creams that would best work for you. I’ve meant to talk about this for ever lately and since I injured my a2 pulley tendon from climbing a crimpy 5.11c a few weeks back you’re just gonna have to sit tight on some climbing posts for now. My finger has had 3+ weeks of rest, and I think it’s about time I jump back into climbing, I’ll let you know how it goes.

I stick to a strict routine for my skin care, because I don’t mess around with moisturizers screwing up my skins balance. I already know what works best, so I stay with it. I’d rather experiment with makeup than skin care.

Luckily, most of the philosophy line works incredibly well with the type if skin I have. I’m a big fan. I’ve written about philosophy products about a kabillion times, people who have been reading my blog understand my love for this‎ brand.

Hope-In-A-Jar-DayHope In A Jar

Hope In A Jar is my first philosophy love. This has been my go-to day cream for a couple of years and I haven’t found anything like it. The consistency of the moisturizer is whipped, has a delicate smell (which a few friends of mine really dislike — I personally love it). When I apply it onto my skin, it makes my face feel soft. This moisturizer doesn’t make my skin look greasey, nor is it too heavy for summer, or too light for winter. It’s the perfect all year round moisturizer. Don’t mistake this jar, for their dry skin forumla which I dislike. It was much too heavy on my skin, I felt as if the product would eventually break me out.


Origins A Perfect World

This moisturizer comes in regular formula: Origins A Perfect World and Origins A Perfect World with SPF 25. It’s much more different in consistency compared to ol’ faithful Hope In A Jar, but none the less, this one has carried me through the last few months — I’m interchanging them both on a day to day rotation. Whichever I feel like using, I slap on my face that morning. This one leaves my skin dewy, and I love it for those days I want an extra glow. You must be careful with this one and not to apply too much, or it can look greasy. The smell in this moisturizer is from the White Tea, and it’s fantastic. I gave it another smell as I’m writing this post and it’s truly wonderful. Fun fact: When my sister-in-law came to visit us, we snagged a sample of this moisturizer for her at the Macy’s counter — she too adores the smell.


Hope In A Jar Night

My skin is constantly thirsty and needs moisturizing to help it repair during my beauty rest. I discovered Hope In A Jar Night through a goody bag I received at a blogging conference last fall. It’s thick, hydrating and smells great: think medicinal. It almost smells like something Aveda would have on their shelves, if you know that type of fragrances. I haven’t tried too many night creams, so I cannot faithfully compare it to anything else as I used day creams during the night, in the past. This does the job, I’m not sure I enjoy the feeling of it on my skin but I suppose it should be thicker than a day cream, to hydrate and penetrate through your skin throughout the night.

Full-Of-PromiseFull Of Promise

Ah neck cream. I had no idea anything like this existed until I received a nice surprise in the mail from philosophy: Full of Promise. During my nightly routine I used to apply a face cream to my neck and décolleté. Apparently they think I’m aging and need a bit of neck cream. Fair enough, I’m in my thirties and I moisturize constantly to prevent as much wrinklage as possible. My night time ritual is far more longer than my morning routine, including makeup. I like to take care of my skin as best as I can. I would buy this over the Hope In A Jar night in a millisecond. It has a nicer consistency, and feels thicker, but less greasier than the night cream.

Miracle-Worker-Eye-CreamMiracle Worker

We cannot forget the delicate skin around your eyes. You must hydrate them as often as possible! Those with dry skin unfortunately will have more noticeable crows feet, than those who are more oily prone skin. Lucky ducks. I’m already noticing crows feet, especially when I smile. In order to keep that at bay, and hydrated, I moisturize with one of two eye creams, either the Miracle Worker or Bobbi Brown’s Extra Eye Repair. It’s not shown, because I haven’t opened it and I don’t want any air to get into it, or it’ll dry out before I get around to using it. Both are completely different eye creams, the philosophy one has an orange tint and has a more silicone feel, where as the Bobbi Brown is so thick, hydrating and seeps right into the skin. I love the way my under eye concealer simply glides on after I apply eye cream.

That’s it for the moisturizers I recommend! As for mud masks and hydrating treatments, I’m curious as to what everyone uses. I’ve heard fantastic things about Glam Glow, I should grab a sample of that at sephora. I’ve used the Daiso charcoal clay mask which is black, dries like patent leather on your face and then you tear it off like a biore strip. Yeah, ouch. I don’t know if I can handle it again. I’ve done it twice before. I may throw it away.

Do you moisturize daily?

What type of face masks do you recommend?

Have you used anything by philosophy?

Everything was purchased with me with the exception of Full Of Promise, which I stated was kindly gifted to me by philosophy.

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  1. Ah I have to moisturize every night! My skin just get dry and gross so I love going to bed feeling fresh after I apply moisturizer. I have very sensitive skin but I wrote down these and I am going to go check them out this weekend!

  2. THANK YOU for this post! My face is a HUGE DIVA and has been using La Mer for the past 15 years!!! I need something a LITTLE LESS EXPENSIVE!! I will be trying these out for sure. Thank goodness you can ask for samples at department stores ;)
    GiGi Eats recently posted..What The Fudge?My Profile

  3. I love reading about other people’s skin care routines – thanks for sharing! I need to be a lot better about this but I have had such skin issues lately that I’m afraid to mess around with products much because I react badly to so many!
    Gillian recently posted..on being creative.My Profile

  4. i’ve been wanting to change up my beauty routine. :) i have yet to try any of these products. i actually have very sensitive skin so i’ve been trying to go more organic with certain items. right now i’ve only switched my eye cream. i have been using this mask lately and i love it:
    estherjulee recently posted..Feeding Sharks at the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef AquariumMy Profile

  5. Am in my 30s and am on a mission to find the RIGHT moisturizer for me, so I will definitely be trying something out of your list! <3 Great post! :)

  6. I love Philosophy products. My skin is a complete post-pregnancy mess right now so I’ve been using Cetaphil until it calms down, but I’ll be switching back once it does!

  7. i’m only nearing 25, so i’m not quite to the 30 mark yet, but i’ve heard fantastic things about philosophy products! i still wouldn’t mind trying a few of them out :) and obviously, moisturizing is important at any age

  8. I love Philosophy’s line as well! The hope in a jar leaves my skin feeling great but I’m part of those people who absolutely hate the smell. I’ve been looking to branch out and try new skincare lines… Have you ever heard of Vain Pursuits? I’ve recently started seeing them pop up all over my FB feed. I think they do personalized skincare!

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