Easter was postponed

We postponed our first Easter dinner as a married couple. With good reason.

During the weekends, The Guy likes to get a couple of long bike rides in. Last weekend he biked 30km up a mountain while I drove up it just 30 minutes quicker. That’s how fast he is. Mind you, I did only end up going no faster than 25km/hr due to the fear factor of me not wanting to drive straight off the cliff. I felt so stomach sick, I was that terrified. The switchbacks were frequent, the roads were narrow. It took ages to get to the top.

But this time he was invited to go on a huge bike ride with a friend and he took the opportunity to do so.  I told him to go on and not worry about dinner because he works such long hours, I find that he doesn’t have as much fun as he should. Plus, we could have it the next night.

They went for 5+ hours with a group of cyclists and did some major ride around the area. When he came back he jumped in the shower for a quick scrub, then I drove him to downtown San Jose for an NHL Sharks game! I’m personally not into watching hockey on TV but if I’m there in person, I find it way more interactive, and entertaining. Unfortunately his co-worker’s friend couldn’t make it to the game and only had 1 ticket to spare. He asked The Guy if he wanted it, thus the rush for me to drive him downtown in time to make it to the game.

Monday night I ended up making our Easter dinner. I believe this was the tastiest Easter dinner I’ve ever had the pleasure of diving into. Gotta say, I am a pretty good cook when I want to be! Hashtag brag. Probably all thanks to my meat thermometer I got for Christmas. I can now leave stuff alone instead of constantly cutting into the meat and having the juices evaporate out of it and potentially ruining it.

Mid-cooking selfie.

easter dinnerI served up our plates with tons of cooked vegetables and delicious ham. I made scalloped potatoes, tri colour carrots (from Trader Joe’s), cauliflower, and broccoli. On the side we had spinach salads where I dumped anything and everything from the kitchen sink into it. Bell peppers, tomatoes, pecans, cucumber, cheese… I don’t even know what else. For dessert, simply cut up fresh pineapple and strawberries.

Easter DinnerI scarfed it down in no time. As you would. I posted two pictures of the same meal, different angles. Am I a food blogger now? Just kidding :)

So there you have it, a little postponed, but still pretty special. We had leftovers for days. I hate leftovers.

Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you how I did something completely out of my comfort zone the other day! No cheating, if you already know :)

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