Do you re-gift?

I put a ton of thought and effort into finding gift ideas for those I shop for. All year round I listen closely when people talk to me about stuff they need/want/like when we’re either shopping together or in general conversation. So when you receive a gift that you know for certain is re-gifted, you can feel quite hurt and insulted. In fact, re-gifting can definitely put a friendship at risk. A long time ago, my friend did this to me.

A few years ago Canadian Living did a blog post on 8 simple rules for re-gifting without being caught or looking bad. Really?? I have to disagree 100% with the blog post. I’d say if you received a gift and didn’t want it, don’t wrap it up and pretend that it’s new. Just give it to someone who you may feel like they’d enjoy it and tell them you received it as a gift and didn’t need/want it. If you can’t afford a gift, simply tell people you just won’t be giving gifts that year or as many. I’m sure if they are true friends, they would completely understand.

In fact, this year because there’s a lot on my plate, I’m mailing Christmas cards to friends/family instead of including a little something for them to unwrap.

What do you think about re-gifting? Yay or Nay?

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