Christmas Shopping

Last night my co-worker (HI JULIE!!!) and I headed to the mall after we were done work. Since I got a mini-head start on Christmas shopping and shipped some items back with me when I went to Newfoundland for Thanksgiving, I was ahead of the game.

Last night was successful, hitting up places that I would’ve totally walked passed if it wasn’t for Julie with me. Who knew that the calendar place also sold drinking games? Cha-ching! Nephew #1 complete. My 2nd nephew who is 13, (out of the four I have lol) got a techy gadget. I don’t want to say exactly, in case they get a hold of my website. But I read up on Cell Phone News and got some ideas from there. I checked out all the informaiton on

How about the rest of yee? Are you almost done? Not started Christmas shopping yet? How goes it?

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  1. Next time I REALLY think we have to have a slow dance together infront of Santa! HA
    I love how you know the deals! We make a great shopping team! ;0

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