My 11 favourite snapchat users

Snapchat-flatI’m so obsessed with Snapchat (follow me! I’m over @spiffykerms) that my blog, youtube and all other forms of my social media are failing. It’s like a kid who never got to watch television, and they’re over at their friends house glued to the TV set.

That’s ME. I’m glued to Snapchat! I can’t stop.

Scott (not my husband Scott, another Scott my friend from the East Coast of Canada also, Scott — that got confusing for no reason.) suggested I blog about my love affair with Snapchat. And, so that’s what I’m doing.

Like I mentioned in my previous blog post — for the longest time thought it was for something else, but it’s not any more! You don’t have to even sign up to view my snapchats ’cause I overflow my Twitter feed with the ones I personally find funny. I mean. Like I said before, I don’t even need friends on there, I literally cackle-laugh multiple times per day at my own filters and dances.

Basically, snapchat is a free-for-all for me to let loose and be exactly the way I am in person offline. Just never really showcasing how crazy-silly I can be. My husband says that snapchat was really made for me. I love seeing him laugh super hard in the evenings when he comes home and I show him my snap-feed from throughout the day.

I’m kinda glad the snaps only last for 24 hours and then they are gone, because otherwise I probably wouldn’t let loose as much, ya know? Anyway… I asked my friends for their snapchat usernames and added them. Then I went on a hog-wild mission to find celebrities (even had to UNfollow one of them, they were a bit annoying. Kinda like my own snapchat hahaha).

What you’ll find on my Snapchat:

  • daily snapdance (where I dance to a different song each day and ask people to join. It’s a hit lol)
  • Alfie (a lot of alfie)
  • fun coffee shops
  • behind the scenes of what’s to come on Instagram and da blog.
  • me lip syncing to the most ridiculous tunes and face filters (it’s what people come for, I promise)

Basically there’s my child-like humor still lingering in my body acting it all out and having a great time lip syncing all day with random clips of Alfie. Right snapchatfam? It’s a whole different ball game than what you’ll see on my Instagram/Twitter/Blog feed! This is my real personality lol.

Just so it’s not all about me here on Snapchat, here are some people I think you should follow:



  • Calvin Harris: @calvinharris
  • Jessica Alba: @jessicamalba
  • Hilary Duff: @ohheyhilary
  • Lady Gaga: @ladygaga 
  • Nicole Richie: @itsnikkifresh

Basically all the celebrities I follow are either pranksters and/or super hilarious.


  • Jen Gotch of @jengotch

Are you on Snapchat? If you are, write your username below so we can follow each other!

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  1. Your snaps crack me up. I love how there’s no pressure for snaps to be edited or perfect and it’s ok to post a million times a day. My instagram feed has gotten pretty but it’s generally polished. I like the rawness of Snapchat.

    I only wish you could preview someone’s story before you follow them.

  2. thanks so much for sharing meeeee, I feel super flattered and famous. I agree though I’m way more into snapchat lately than other social media. It’s so much fun! I need more people to follow though so I’ll definitely be adding a few from this list since I don’t have everyone yet. Your snapchat really makes me smile though! it’s so much fun and I definitey look forward to your snap dance. never enough alfie!
    Zoë recently posted..Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Eyeshadow Quad Swatches and ReviewMy Profile

  3. Such a great post- love your intro! Ahaha and I’m joining your Snapdance party because it’s totally a thing and what I love about your snaps! Maybe I’ll do a post about moms on Snapchat! I’m @savvyeveryday on Snapchat (but we already follow each other).

  4. Heheheh thank you Klunk ❤️ You’re my fave to follow! Your snaps always brighten my day! i can’t wait to scope out everyone else on your list!

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