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Ah! Good afternoon!

I’ll be a posting maven this weekend, since I want to take a few days off blogging while I’m home. I’m so very excited for everyone’s presents this year. I didn’t go on vacation with the Boyfriend out West this summer, so I saved a bit more money than I normally would have around this time of year. It all went to presents!

I gave Alfie a hair cut (more like a botch) and trimmed his nails as he made the SADDEST looking face on the planet. Anytime I mention “Alfie want you nails cut?” He either lays on the ground in fear, or prances away really quickly and hides lol. Poor fella. I don’t blame him. He does know he gets tons of treats after the fact.

I’ve also had the oven on in the kitchen, warming me up. That’s a trick to warm up the place while you’re cooking. Know that? Crank’er up to 450 F and open the oven door. I’m telling ya, it’s like having lab ovens in there once it gets warm. Some nice.

I just noticed I still haven’t posted the “Triple F Friday” (Fun, Fit and/or Fashionable) yet. Last night’s post I said I’d do it this morning. But it’s been busy! Stay tuned for that though ;) I don’t want to not do it.

Think I’ll get a shower soon, and start getting ready for the day. I’m still in my PJs! What a great lazy Saturday!

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