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I get questions from some people who I interact with online whether it be right here on my blog, or on twitter; they ask me if I’m okay with people I know “in real life”reading my blog or watching my YouTube channel. I’ve touched on this subject a few times in the past, but it doesn’t hurt to keep things updated and keep you in the loop. 

I don’t mind sharing my URL with anyone that asks or have heard that I have a website. All of my immediate family and friends currently have been reading my blog for a few years as it is already! I love that my climbing friends from back home write me a quick e-mail or comment below to say something. It really reminds me how often they do read my site. Plus, it keeps them informed on what I’m doing lately, since I’m terrible with keeping in contact over the phone.

I have had a website for almost 10 years now. At first my site was just a place to write. I was hesitant on sharing it with people because I didn’t use a filter. I openly talked about things that were happening in my life, good and bad. Plus, I felt judged because not everyone knew what a blog was back then. Now, everyone seems to have one.

The reason I don’t mind sharing my blog? It’s because my blog isn’t a personal diary. I don’t share intimate details of my life, and I respect those who do not like to be mentioned or remain internet anonymous (such as the Boyf — even though he does make a featured appearance once in a while).

I’m a happy person in general, so you most likely will never see me complain. Ever. Thus, leads me to never complain on my blog. If I do want to write something that has been bothering me, I write up a draft, save it and remove anything that sounds too harsh to post. I’m still being me, I’m still being real – but minor details can and probably should be left out. Especially if you make it sound like you’re talking about someone.

As for family and friends watching my YouTube channel? That also doesn’t bother me in the least. In fact, my Mom told me that she doesn’t like to see my videos on my website!! She feels that I explain better through writing instead of conversing to you in video. Which I completely agree with, as I’m not 100% comfortable on videos at all. I feel like my true (silly/funny) personality doesn’t shine through on videos. They say practice makes perfect, but how long is that going to take me? I’ve been doing videos for over a year and a half… haha!

Well guys. It’s short and sweet, but to the point. Hope you can find it in yourselves to stop hiding behind the internet and share your website (or whatever else!) with your friends.

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  1. I completely agree with you! I much prefer writing over posting movies to my blog. Quite a few people I know read my blog – I think it makes you a more confident writer!

  2. I do a little bit of ‘daily life’ type blogs and am careful to let people remain anonymous and I try to keep other people’s kids off my blog as well. But, I know my family reads my blog and I try to be helpful in my writing instead of critical. I also try hard to not complain.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. It took me about 6 months of blogging before I was ready to share my URL with friends and family. Funny thing is, few of them bother to read it at all!

  4. I have a bunch of issues but the one that gets me is that people tend to bash a lot. It really upsets me. I blogged years ago and had a larger following but some crazy town decided they disliked me and threatened my dog. I live in a small town and even though I am anti social in real life, I know people could find me within minutes. Now, it makes me very nervous when people read my blog or twitter. I’m very open there. In real life you would not be able to talk about me because there is nothing to talk about. When you read my blog, a whole other story.. Funny thing is, I always talk about yard sales, I buy mostly second hand and yet people would say I was spoiled or I was undeserving and that they should either kill my dog or kidnap her. I applaud all those who have the courage not to give a crap and are able to be themselves.
    – I love your youtube videos by the way. I don’t find you fake which is very refreshing on youtube.

    Nancy says: Wow Candi, I can’t even imagine what you went through… I’m so sorry to hear that.

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