Shoe Lust

Last week I went into the mall to return a few things and I walked passed Aldo shoe’s. I even tried on a bunch of nice wedges and heels and left lusting after a couple.

1. Duffey low heel 2. Olowe wedge 3. Wentzell heel

The first pair on the left, I have the perfect outfit in my head. White skinnies, and a royal blue blouse I have from H&M. Plus these? Awesome. I wish the heel were the same color as the shoe though. As for the middle pair, I actually hemmed and hawed on these for a while. I had my self-tanner on with bright toe nail polish. They looked great and of course were comfortable, but definitely not worth the $90.00 as they were ticketed.

I did some research and actually found the second pair listed above, for half price on Amazon’s site at $48.99. I doubt I’ll end up buying them. I already have three pairs of semi-nude wedge/heels. I don’t need a fourth!

Are you a shoe girl? Or maybe you’re a purse girl. I think I’m both :)

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