Why I love Sephora

The reason why I keep going back to Sephora is the great customer service I’ve been experiencing there. I had an allergic reaction to something that I used and the representatives there helped me pick out a handful of samples to take home with me to try out before I spend the big bucks on something. I was in the Sephora store for about 40 minutes talking to, at one point, two Sephora makeup artists. They were trying to distinguish the problem and the reaction I had to the certain product. My under eyes were quite dry at the time and nothing was soothing the dryness. Thankfully it wasn’t painful. I was sent home with tons of high end products to try on my problem areas, which was my under eye. I also got some great tips on how to apply cream to the delicate eye area.

That kind of customer service will always be remembered, and which is why I always go back. I get incredible help, and makeup tips from the guys and girls that work there. There’s a reason it’s one of my favorite stores to shop at, and recommend to people.

My co-worker’s birthday was in January and she is the only person that I currently work with, that understands my love of Sephora. She went into Sephora to pick up her birthday gift and left me know what it was for the 2012 year. Heck yes—a Fresh (the brand name of the product) mini lip balms, and the red one has a bit of a tint to it. Last year when Sephora wasn’t around in my city I headed to Toronto in early April, a month before my birthday and asked to get the Birthday gift then. It was a bottle of Philosophy’s Birthday Cake (vanilla) scented body wash. I’m not the biggest fan of anything vanilla at all, so that was given away. But this year’s, is definitely a keeper for me.

You do have to be a Beauty Insider to receive this freebie on/around your birthday. It’s free to sign up and you get a point for each dollar you spend at the store. Upon checkout you can redeem your points for something extra. The 100 point perk lets you choose one of three samples when you check out online or in store. Or, rack your points up for the 500 point perk and you can get a bigger bonus package. I’ve yet to redeem any of my Sephora Beauty Insider points and I have a ton. I just can’t justify using my 100points (= $100 worth of products to get to that 100points) to use it on a teeny tiny sample. But in general, the idea of the points promo is still a great thing. It’s better than receiving nothing.  I’ve reached the status of the VIB which is a premium level of Beauty Insiders. You can learn more about that here.

Sephora has a great return policy as well. Don’t have the receipt for something you bought and you want to return it? They’ll just give you store credit for it. That’s something a lot of people don’t know about. But what I recommend doing instead of returning full product items, is that try out a sample or two at Sephora. Go back and get more! Make sure you really love it before you pay out of pocket for it. They’re only going to throw the item you returned away.

Are you a huge fan of Sephora too?

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  1. LOVE Sephora and I miss it so much being here in NL. I order online usually, and whenever I get the chance to visit one I go a bit mad. It depresses me when I get my beauty insider emails and I can’t get to the store to pick it up! Haha

    Nancy says: I know I used to go mental when I went to Toronto a few times a year and stocked up on ton’s of things at Sephora. But now that there’s one like a 5 minute drive from work I’m good.

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