Guest Post: Melissa

Hey ya’ll! I’m Melissa from Sweet Sunday Loving.  I’m a SAHM (very recently) to a seven year old boy and I love the time I get to spend with my sweet family.  Me & my boys live below the mason dixon line and love being from the South. Yes, we love Sweet Tea! :) I hope you will take a minute to stop by my blog and get to know me and my family through our silly moments, vacations and daily life.

Today, I wanted to recommend an awesome web tool for you awesome bloggers - Windows Live Writer!  I hope I’m not the last one to know about this awesome tool, I’m sure I am considering I’m a late bloomer in the blogging world (ha!).  Windows Live Writer is AMAZING!  It has features that make the blogging process so much easier. If you are a Blogger user, you can quit worrying about the hang-ups Blogger sometimes has when it comes to publishing your post, no more missing posts either!  When you are typing your post you will see what it will look like as you type every word, background and all. You no longer have to preview before you post. You can insert links, add tables, edit photos and even add a watermark to your photos without opening Photoshop. I know that I still have a lot of exploring to do.  But, I’m already sold on this tool and I hope you will love it too! :)

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