Busy bee

I’ve been so busy with work that the summer has just been flying by. I’m on a roll design-wise pumping out new Roller Banner Stands for trade-shows, golf tournaments and getting back into a scheduled routine once the school year comes back in full force. As a Graphic Designer, it’s still so very exciting to me … seeing a piece like that come together, especially since banner stands are standing up around our three offices all at one time. I order the banners from a local spot, instead of ordering online because of costs. But check out the exhibition stands, and pop up displays on the link I provided above. They’re based out of the UK.

I should start taking photos of my work and posting them on my blog. But I’d also rather not let people know where I work, and who I work for. For obvious reasons.  Busy bee! My Boss has been off on vacation and then basically as soon as she returns to work, I’m off for a while! More on that later ;)

I haven’t been CrossFitting all that often. I went on Monday and now today I cannot seem to lift my arms above my head. Too many pullups. Death by pullups was the name of the workout. Intense was not the correct term to use. I keep forgetting to have my computer looked at by my Boyfriend because… well, we’re busy getting ready for another TRIP! I’ll explain all of that probably in tomorrow morning’s blog post. So stay tuned for that.

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