Wordless Wednesday Baby edition (4)

I find that my brother (on the far right, I’m the youngest) looks like his son in this photo. So cute.

I was a fatso lol.Yes, I’m certain that this is me. I look like a little brown Indian baby!Chasing a little kid at the beach in my stylin’ bikini. Loving those red sneaks.One of my favorites, walking with my Dad in Bowring Park.

That’s me, screaming in the background!

I should really get some sort of device that does data backup so I don’t lose these cute childhood photos! :)

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  1. HAha!
    Nancy, the last picture, of your brother smiling and sitting there like an angel…i totally missed seeing you laying in the crib in the background screaming!!
    i read the comment below, and scrolled back up and started rolling on the floor laughing!!! So funny! Such awesome, wonder filled moments caught in time.

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