June Luxe Box

I’ve been subscribing to Loose Button‘s Luxe Box each month. This has been my third consecutive month for deluxe samples that I receive in the mail once a month for a fee of $10 (per month). You can also sign up for a three month trial for $29 – no real discount but you don’t have to remember to sign up each month at least. It’s also free shipping. I ended up doing the three month thing. Each month seems to get better and better, with name brands that I’ve actually heard of.

Basically you sign up to receive a surprise box in the mail during the middle of the month. Mine arrived yesterday, and I did a video of me opening up on camera. Excuse my excitement and semi-awkwardness.

See what I got! Or you could just scroll to the bottom to see what I received lol.

Also, ignore my hair parted really ugly-looking. As I said, I’m trying to wear my hair up and keep it healthy, lol.

If you’re and American reading this blog, there’s a similar type thing called Birch Box.

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  1. I am loving the Luxe Box as well. After seeing your first posting about Luxe Box I signed up and received my first one in May. I actually use a couple of the things that you have received so far. I use the Joico styling oil and have been for about 6 months now, I love it! And I also use Dermalogica face wash and daily microexfoliant. I am excited to get my June Luxe Box now as well! Hopefully will get mine this week. :)

    Nancy says: NO WAY! I totally thought of you this a.m. when I used my joico oil!!

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