Oh, it’s natural.

I have a hair appointment tomorrow, to get a trim. I’m debating whether or not to dye my hair again. I haven’t dyed it for about 2 years. After dying my hair consistently since I was 14 years old, I wanted to finally let it all grow out and see what my natural color was before I started getting old and grey, lol. It’s not that I’m sick of my hair color at all now. I just remember my hair feeling thicker when it was dyed because the color stuck onto the hair follicles. Maybe it’s just my mind making things up, or perhaps it’s the long layers I have in my hair that make me feel like I have nothing for a pony tail.

What do you think? Should I dye my hair (darker) tomorrow?

Most days my hair looks this color:

I have no idea what my color is, because in the sunlight it looks almost dark blonde/light brown somewhat (I’ve never been blonde).

On a side note, why does the word “blonde” have a little red squiggly line underneath it. Is that not how you spell it anymore? lol.

I had dark hair not too long ago, and it turned out well. I failed to realize how gross my hair was in the before shot.

Ideally I’d just like to grow my length out a few more inches and I’d keep it at that. For instance back in 2006 I had it this stringy length, but I LOVED IT.

(ignore the sunglasses hahaha)

Plus, for a little fashion Thursday before my OOTWW (outfit of the work week) post tomorrow. I just wanted to say… aren’t these CUUUUUUUUUUTE? Maybe cash in some life insurance rates for these – they’re $89 US :(

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  1. I love your hair color now because it look’s like you have highlights.
    I wish I could dye my hair again, but I can’t afford the upkeep.

  2. I also like your actual hair color. But i also liked how it looked on that picture from 2006 you posted.

    Anyway, i would keep the actual color if i were you.

  3. Don’t dye! I like your hair color now.

    My philosophy on hair dye is to enjoy non-gray, low maintenance hair now. Once the gray hairs start-a-comin’, I’m gonna start a-dyin’. Then I’ll play with different shades.

  4. I agree that I love the color of your hair now…it is really pretty. And girl you look SASSY in that picture with the white hoodie on!!

    Nancy says: LOL!!!!!

  5. I can´t believe you don´t remember whichs color your hair is, and it´s not the first time I hear a sentece like that. I don´t like chemical substances on my hair, skin and so on. Please let your pony-tail grow natural, long and healthy and you will look as pretty as you usually do.

  6. I like to spell blonde with an e because I think it looks nicer, but the internet seems to think it’s just “blond”. I also totally dig your sunglasses in the second picture with the red coat. HOTNESS!

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