Pesto recipe from the brother

I’ve been experimenting a bit in the kitchen with other people’s recipes and even updated my recipe page once again due to the fact that these were keepers in my books, and tasted awesome enough to make again.

For instance. The other night for dinner, I was feeling like making my Brother’s “Pesto”. Is it still called Pesto if it’s made from spinach rather than basil? Not sure I’m a huge fan of basil. Either way, I liked it — but I wasn’t fond of the crunchiness from the slivered almonds I used. My boyf on the other hand was pleased with it. Next time, I’m using a mortar and pestle.

Close up of the tasty action.

The pesto itself was pretty darn awesome and I couldn’t even describe it because the flavors in my mouth were twinkling with delight. You’ll just have to make it for yourselves. 

The chicken was so juicy. I rarely and I mean rarely cook chicken in the oven because hello “Mister George Forman” grill himself takes half the time. I forgot how good a chicken can be in the oven. I kinda like it. Especially because I didn’t have to keep checking on it like I do on the grill.

Anyhoodle, off I go!

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