Facebook creeper

You know how you click on an acquaintance’s facebook, then you click on their significant others facebook and so – on, until you’re on someone’s page you’ve never met. No? You don’t do that? Just me being creepin? It’s alright.

BUT! I found a picture of me on this persons facebook who I don’t know. It was their display picture for Ironman Canada last August and I found myself!!

Terrible terrible posture, but I blame it on that I was looking out for my Boyf to come out on the bike so I could wave the Newfoundland flag.

Neat yeah. But kind of creepy at the same time. I wonder who else’s photos I’m in, that I never knew…

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  1. I end up on random people’s pages sometimes too! My husband will walk up and be like “who is that?” and I’m just like “I don’t know… long story.”

    Weird to see yourself in someone else’s picture!

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