I know that promoting contests my blog on a ton of different sites to get an array of new commenters to try and win a prize is fun and all. But I’d really like it if people actually took the time to read the entry before entering. It’s a huge pet peeve of mine where people just google contests and come across my site and enter in their name and try to win. They don’t read anything else on the website, they’re not interested in anything I have to say.

They don’t even read the end date of the contest. I still have commenters entering the contest that ended on May 1. Like c’mon. It says in big bold red letters when it ended. Those are the type of people I’d like to block, but don’t.

Also? Why isn’t commenters a word here? It keeps underlining in red that it’s spelled wrong. I don’t care.

So. I mentioned a few weeks ago I went to a new hair stylist. He again, chopped off my “bangs”, I don’t have bangs, and I haven’t had them since 1994. But stylists always like to chop that part of hair up to my chin. I think it gets fried from all the hair straightening. I’ve resorted to ignoring that part of my hair with the blow dryer and flat iron because I don’t want any more damage and I want the darn hair to grow. I have another appointment set up with my new stylist at the end of the month to dye my hair something crazy again, and have a trim. I’m pretty excited. I’ve been using the same stuff that I bought from him the first time I went in. Heat Protectant, Leave-in Conditioner even when you condition your hair in the shower! I had no idea. I thought you just use one or the other.. not both! Anyway after using this non-Aveda heat protectant product (I’m an Aveda lover!) I decided to go with it and try it out. I can always switch back to Aveda. I noticed that my ends, where I spray it … feel sort of dry at the end of the day? It doesn’t break, but I think it’s just build-up of the product. I  have no idea what I’m doing wrong. So I think I’m going to go back at the end of the month and be all WTF did you sell me dude?

Or I can always go and check out what everyone is talking about on Beauty blogs and YouTube for their Hair Care. Ever hear of the product called Wen Hair Care System? Apparently when you have bad hair days (just like I do if I don’t wash it ever 24 hours), it can make your hair look sleek and smooth as ever. It’s designed by Chaz Dean who provides top quality hair products to make your hair… beeeeeautiful. We’ll see, if Wen decides to save the day on my dry ends. CAN YA DO IT WEN?

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  1. LOL… I hear ya with the word “Commenters” it underlines for me too and I’m all WTF its a word! :P

    I’ve never had people enter a contest when its ended but I do get people just coming to enter contests. Annoying, but meh. I used to only strictly talk about my family/kids now I’ve decided the past few weeks to move in another direction while still talking about my family/kids just in hopes to get other readers in to read…. we’ll see how it goes.. so far I’ve gotten some.

    I love your hair, you have really good healthy hair. Mine tends to be frizzy and all over the place… I really have to watch it… I havent had bangs in SOOO long, I’d probably not be able to get them again.

    Nancy says: I went through the stage for YEARS (okay and probably still am in that stage) where I thought my hair would grow if I never ever cut it. And it did, somewhat – it just wasn’t healthy. My hair has been the same length now for like 5 years because they tell me to get a trim and it’ll grow. But it doesn’t get any longer b/c I keep getting it trimmed! I’m so annoyed :)

  2. Oh…post pictures of your new hair cut!!!

    Nancy says: Oh when I got it trimmed a while ago I posted those pictures (remember it was curled really nice at the back? lol) , but once I get it colored/trimmed I’ll definitely post those!

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