Work hasn’t started for me yet, and it’s been 12 days since I got out of school. I’m bored out of my mind. I e-mail my friends, who are at work, daily. I’m sure they’re sick of hearing from me by now. Jenna, Mayo, Iain and I have been hanging out this whole past week. Jenna’s moving to Ontario, for a permanent job position. Spending as much time with her as possible. Tonight though, I’m taking Scotts best friend, and one of my new good friends – Jeremy, to a party with me and the climbing crew. He’ll fit in just nicely. It’s great how good us two (Jeremy and I) can get along! I love the fact I can party with my boyfriends best friend. :P Then tomorrow night I’m going to a classmates Birthday BBQ type deal, and then heading down to one of the bars to work for a friend. Supah fun. I’m hoping by the time Monday rolls around, work will call me with a day of orientation. I NEED work, I do not like sleeping in til 1:00pm, and watching television the whole day. I feel like a usless sack of donkey menure. P.U. Oh, the art section is UP and running folks, so check that out. It looks like poop in the firefox browsers, so be careful with that..

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