That’s the pits

Have you ever thought about lasering your unwanted hair off? Last summer a co-worker told me that she was in the proccess of having her bikini line lasered off and told me that it didn’t sting too much. You have to go through multiple procedures to have it removed completely.

When I was in getting a wax once, I asked the woman what laser hair removal felt like — and told her I was thinking of it. She told me it was like having a rubber band slapped against your skin continuously. Doesn’t seem too bad, does it?

I … really hate shaving my pits. Seriously. It gets so sore and raw if I do it each day, so I can’t. Which in turn makes me self conscious when I’m at the gym, showing the stubble. Not so pretty. It’s probably why I have invested in more short-sleeved workout tops instead of always wearing tank tops. I resorted once to this “at home” method. Unfortunately for me I left it on a bit too long (and even then, it didn’t work!!!) and burned my pits so bad for days afterward it hurt to have any t-shirts or even deodorant on.  Even remembering back about that day I still can feel the pain I was in. What a regret.

I may end up trying going to a salon like the  dallas laser hair removal place. But instead, I may end up having my eyebrows waxed first, because I’m too chicken to just jump in there into a new place and say “hey, can you laser my arm pits please?”.

Would you ever laser hair off? Or better yet … have you? Try out laser hair removal dallas for yourselves too! Maybe there’s one around you.

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  1. I totally feel you- I used to hate going “unshaven” to the gym in college. And then I realized how little it actually mattered… and even in my workout room now it’s sometimes just gross how long my leg hair gets. TMI? Maybe…

    I’d probably contemplate laser removal on the bikini line before the pits- but that’s just because I find it to be more of a nuisance to maintain “that” area over the other…

  2. Oh I TOTALLY want laser hair removal…legs, pits, bikini line, eyebrows…all of it! Unfortunately the hubs doesn’t seem to think that is it warranted cost wise??! WHAT?!?! Of course it is! haha!

    Nancy says: Ditto. All of it gone. I’d pay a pretty penny for it. If I only had to go through the procedure once!

  3. I had laser hair removal done on my pits. I had 9 sessions as I am a hairy beast and it cost around $300 which I think was a good deal. It removed about 90% of the hair. I am planning on getting electrolysis to get the last of the stubborn buggers but until then, I just shave about once a month.

    The biggest change was at the beginning when I had to switch to natural deodorant. But now that I am used to it, I will never go back.

    It hurts, like a quick burning pain. But it’s over quickly as it is a small area. I thought about getting my legs done because I get ingrown hairs like nobody’s business (TMI, sorry) but I am too scared of the pain.

  4. I’m hoping KDot reads this because I would like to know why she had to switch to natural deodorant…

    Anyway, I would totally have it done Nancy. I just think it would hurt like a son of a gun. I’ve only waxed my eyebrows and lip, which hurts bad enough. I would like to get a bikini wax but I think I’d be embarrassed. Embarrassment and pain aside, I’d just take it all off (hair that is…legs face pits etc)

    Nancy says: I’m wondering about the natural deodorant too!

  5. I don’t remember why I had to make the switch. It was just one of the “rules”. That and I had to stop shaving for a bit.

  6. i have never tried ti but i know my hubby wants to do it-shhhhhh he has hair on his ears-poor thing ;(
    i say go for it!

    Nancy says: I’m not entirely serious. But I’ve contemplated it. I mean, as K already said it ‘s like $300 – which isn’t really expensive,considering the amount we spend on shave gel/razors in our life time. I just want someone to pay for me to have it done :)

  7. OMG, I def would! If it wasn’t so pricey I would have done it already lol. I despite shaving, anything. Obvi I do it, but I would love to never have to worry about it.

    BTW – Idk what you did, but your posts just started appearing in my google reader! Yayyy :)

    Nancy says: YAYAYYAAY!!!! My Boyf fixed it a few nights ago! I’m SO HAPPY.

  8. I have been thinking about getting laser on the bikini line. Going to do some more research into it and hopefully might get it done within the next year. I agree with everyone above, the hair is such a pain and if it makes you feel better and more confident. Go for it! :)

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