The dog is cuh-razayy


He jumps. Constantly. No matter what you have in your hands, he wants it.

As I mentioned before, he loves attention and I love giving it to him. This is when he’s best behaved. Being close to the Boyf or, in this case: me, while he knaws on some rawhide. Don’t worry, we don’t let him eat it. Just nibble on it then switch it up with the other non-soggy one when the other gets to be too much. Did you know rawhide is actually dangerous to a dogs stomach? Don’t let them eat it!

Then he wants me to pick up the bone off the ground. See him eyeing me? How can anyone resist puppy dog eyes?

Ocassionally he will listen on command.

But first he’ll contemplate it, and either ponce, or behave.

In this case, pounce wins.

Man, what a hyper pup. I <3 him though.

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