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After having my car since 10.10.09 (hey, it’s a date to remember!), I haven’t been traveling all that often. We have been having such a dry winter too, with little snow. On days that I used to commute to work by bus, I always ended up going to the mall on occasion. Though to be fair, I rarely travel anywhere during the cold winter months.

Since Alfie came into our lives, I’ve been stepping out of the cold and going for walks around our neighborhood, so he gets the scent as to where he resides. So, if he gets lost — he’ll hopefully find his way back home after all the routes we’ve been taking him. Just the other night I was walking him in a very public place, so I could teach him not to bark when he sees another pedestrian. Hardcore fail on that one little guy. It’s difficult to make him not even start the barking in the first place, because I’m supposed to say “ah ah!” and if he does it again — grab the scruff of his neck and give a stern but not so harsh shake. You can probably see why I’m afraid to do that sort of thing in public, for fear of people thinking that I’m abusing my dog. Ugh, the stress and drama!

But I found out something superbly awesome in our neighborhood. In Uptown, we have an American Apparel store coming very soon. I was much more excited when Lululemon had a temporary store set up last Christmas … I just wish that they would have stayed! I also noticed that since our mall has been overhauled and renovated for the last little while, we got a Victoria Secret PINK store, and soon a H&M. I like H&M, I’ve only been in there a handful of times because it’s on the other side of town — and even though I have a car, I still don’t know how to get around the city lol. With that being said, I don’t need to know how to get around in the outskirts of the city, because eeeeeeeverything is coming to ME!!! Maybe even soon they’ll have a quick weight loss diets store around. Not that anyone wants that…

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  1. H&M is coming to Waterloo? Oh thank goodness, now I don’t have to go all the way to Cambridge. Now we just need a Forever21 damnit!!

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